Troubleshooting is easy with Zoho Assist remote access software

One remote support solution for all.

Outsourced IT and MSP support

MSPs can remotely support their clients from wherever they are. Manage large networks of computers from one central console through a simple deployment process.

Selectively Share Among MSP Customer support techniciansAdmins & Clients

Offer top-notch customer support by accessing your customer’s computer directly rather than relaying instructions over text, chat, or voice call.

Help desk technicians

Empower help desk technicians with remote access software, and accelerate the ticket resolution time.

Your multi-functional remote support software.

On-demand remote support

Offer support to your customers from a remote computer using on-demand support sessions. No prior installation is required, offering customers easy ways to join remote support sessions.

Unattended remote access

Attain 24/7 access to unattended computers, and seamlessly manage computers in your organization by configuring them for unattended remote access.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing right from the remote support software is a huge bonus for holding product demonstrations, online meetings, and training sessions.

File transfer

 Transferring files during the remote support session                            helps you send installation files to your customer’s                                  computer or receive files that require troubleshooting.

Instant chat

 With our built-in chat window, technicians can stay in                          touch with customers during remote support sessions                          from their respective consoles.

Multi-monitor support

 Zoho Assist automatically detects all the active                                           monitors connected to the remote computer. You can                           control any of the active monitors during the session.

Reboot and reconnect

 IT technicians can choose to reboot the remote                                           computer and even reconnect to the session without                             losing control.

Customize and rebrand

Customize email templates, manage technicians,                                     configure email addresses, and view reports with                                     customized views.


 Zoho Assist is extremely secure and complies with                                   GDPR and HIPAA requirements; it also provides                                         two-factor authentication, data annonymization, and                           the exchange of files through 256-bit AES protocol.

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