SupportCenter Plus is a web-based customer support software that lets organisations effectively manage customer tickets, their account and contact information, and service contracts, to provide a superior customer experience.


Multi-Channel Communication

Email Response Management

Customer Portal


Knowledge Base and Solutions

Computer Telephony Integration


Contracts and SLA Management

Reports, Dashboards, and KPIs

Account & Contact Management


API Integration

Mobile Access

Multi-Language Support

“Prior to SupportCenter Plus we were using dozens of spreadsheets, and SupportCenter Plus replaced all our tedious incident tracking processes.”

“As we grew, we understood that the Microsoft SharePoint web forms we used were insufficient, we needed better capabilities for reporting & integration with our other software systems and hence we chose SupportCenter Plus.”

“The fact that each case will have its own ID number means we can follow everything automatically and get statistics on all aspects of each case.”

Multi-Channel Support

Combine customer interactions from multiple sources for a unified view of your help desk.

Request Tracking & Automation

Customise and automate request workflows. Step up on request management.

Business Units

Create a comprehensive help desk for each division. Serve customers efficiently.

Contracts and SLA Management

Maintain and manage contracts in one place.

Time Tracking and Billing

Maintain time entries and ensure correct billing.

Reports, Dashboards and KPI's

Shed light on all the right stats and step up on IT management.

Account and Contact Management

Manage individual contacts and establish business relationships.

Knowledge Base

Quickly organise knowledge and close requests.

Customer Portal

Lighten your help desk’s load by giving your customers control.

Mobile Access

Wherever you go, bring your help desk along.

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