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Maximize ROI in Endpoint Security

Readiness offers deployment guidance through the application of best practices then helps you gauge overall estate health over time.

Delivered To You Quarterly To Track Your Installation’s Health and Effectiveness

SentinelOne is known for efficient installation and its overall ease-of-use. Regardless, new customers are often interested in additional bootstrap operational assistance as they come onboard with SentinelOne. Further, they are often interested in gauging their estate’s health over time. Each and every quarter, a designated Readiness customer service manager provides a ONEscore health report to help customers understand how their installation is adhering to best practices with specific prescriptive recommendations for improvements.

Explore SentinelOne Readiness

Accelerated Time to Deploy

SentinelOne Readiness uses a structured methodology and personalized assistance for deployment planning. Readiness includes environment discovery, SaaS configuration assistance, and staged agent pushes to get you endpoint coverage as fast as possible.

Initial Threat Triage

As Sentinel agents are pushed and Singularity platform data is correlated, customers often gain visibility into suspicious activities. Readiness uses the power of the platform for initial threat triage during the initial deployment phase.

Health Phase

When the customer estate is fully deployed with Sentinel agents, we enter the Health phase. Designated customer service managers work with customers on a quarterly basis to evaluate the SentinelOne deployment. Through our ONEscore reporting, customers can track adherence to operational best practices in order to maximize the ROI on the SentinelOne investment.