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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Detect and prevent insider threat with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)


30 percent of data breaches involve organization insiders acting negligently or maliciously. Insiders pose a unique threat to organizations because they have access to proprietary systems and often are able to bypass security measures, creating a security blind spot to the risk and security teams.

Fortinet’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) technology protects organizations from insider threats by continuously monitoring users and endpoints with automated detection and response capabilities. Leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics, FortiInsight automatically identifies non-compliant, suspicious, or anomalous behavior and rapidly alerts any compromised user accounts. This proactive approach to threat detection delivers an additional layer of protection and visibility, whether users are on or off the corporate network.

Deployment Options

FortiInsight Cloud
  • Hosted by Fortinet, delivered as a service
  • FortiInsight Cloud – Core “lighter” version also available
  • Same features and user interface as FortiInsight Cloud
  • For those that require local, on-premises deployment
FortiSIEM version 6.1 or later (VM or Appliance)
  • FortiInsight agent and FortiInsight AI engine now embedded in the FortiSIEM solution
  • Fully integrated user experience leveraging the FortiSIEM UI

FortiInsight Product Details

FortiInsight protects your organization’s sensitive data and high-value intellectual property from loss, theft, and mishandling, whether from a malicious insider or accidental incident.  

FortiInsight monitors endpoint activities, resource access, and data movement both on and off the network, offering complete visibility around resources and data. It identifies risky behavior, policy violations, and takes action before they turn into security incidents.

The rule-based engine combined with machine-learning analytics means it can quickly and consistently identify risky activities. In addition, it supports compliance reporting and provides detailed forensics to aid investigation. 

Features  & Benefits

Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Enhanced data visibility with machine learning and UEBA to identify threats

Forensic-level Reporting

Compile a full forensic history of user behavior, enabling thorough forensics investigation and detailed reporting

Valuable Insights

Analyze data and deliver valuable insights, allowing your team to contain insider threats and respond in real time

Rapid Threat Detection

Machine learning optimizes each stage of the investigation pipeline, identifying emerging threats, from compromised accounts to data theft

Regulatory Compliance Support

Get full visibility of how data is accessed, used, and moved within your organization, and create compliance framework-specific rules, reporting, and analysis to identify, respond to, and manage non-compliant behavior

Data Security

Monitor data movement and endpoint activity 24/7 regardless of location or whether users are on or off your network