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FortiGate-VM delivers protection from a broad array of network security threats. It offers the same security and networking services included in the FortiOS 7.0 operating system and is available for public cloud, private cloud,….
FortiADC enhances the scalability, performance, and security of your applications whether they are hosted on premises or in the cloud. FortiADC is an advanced application delivery controller that optimizes application ….
Organizations are increasingly adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for the agility and savings they offer, but find that they don’t provide the required visibility and control. FortiCASB is a cloud-native ….
Email is a critical tool for everyday business communication and productivity. It’s also a popular attack vector among threat actors trying to steal credentials, obtain sensitive data or hold it for ransom, or steal funds by gaining access to ….
Organizations are embracing multiple public cloud platforms, resulting in increased complexity of management which impacts security and risk. Additionally, the built-in security tools that come with various cloud platforms are unique….
Enterprises are speeding digital transformation, making the cloud’s role in delivery of services more important than ever. Securing virtual private cloud networks and application workloads is critical, ….
Email remains a primary threat vector. A recent report shows that 22% of breaches were caused by social actions or actions where the intent was to play on user or employee behavior. 96% of these social actions were delivered via email with 90% ….
FortiWeb, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall, protects your business-critical web applications from attacks that target known and unknown vulnerabilities.The attack surface of your web applications evolves rapidly, changing every time you ….