ADManager Plus is an easy-to-use Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution that helps AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their day-to-day activities.

Active Directory Automation, Cleanup, & Reporting

Single and Bulk User Management

Group/Computer Management

Help Desk Delegation

Office 365 Management & Reporting

Real Last Logon reports

Exchange Management

“Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator.”

“Dollar for dollar it is without a doubt the most powerful and best organized tool I have seen.”

“ADManager has been an amazing piece to our litigation support puzzle. Individual and bulk user creation, along with a great range of built-in reporting have been a tremendous boon for our team.”

“The ADManager Plus software has made it VERY simple to delegate common, every day roles to the service desk while limiting their ability to ultimately ‘damage’ our AD.”

Active Directory Management

Simplify Active Directory management by effecting bulk creation and modification of accounts, delegation and rep.

Active Directory Reports

Allow users to self-update their profile details and keep employee information in AD up-to-date. Employees can also be allowed to search their peers’ updated information.

Active Directory Delegation

Perform role based security delegation and access control using the security roles that are created thus minimizing error.

Active Directory Workflow

The workflow management, Active Directory ticketing and compliance system follows a defined execution path which can be customised.

Active Directory Automation

The workflow management, Active Directory ticketing and compliance system follows a defined execution path which can be customized.

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150+ Active Directory Reports 

Active Directory User Management 

Active Directory Computer Management 

Multiple-Domain Management 

Help Desk Delegation*
Only Professional Edition supports OU/Group-based/Cross-Domain Delegation and Technician-specific Templates.


Standard version features, plus:

File Server Management 

Active Directory OU Management 

Reports Scheduling 

AD Group | Contact Management 

OU-Based Administration 

Workflow | Automation 

GPO Management