What’s New in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.0

Designed to fit any environment no matter the size, the latest release of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is packed with new features that improve the performance, manageability and availability of clusters storing and running cyber protection workloads.

Improved Manageability

  • Flexible reconfiguration of cluster networking
  • Сustomization of S3 geo-replication on user/bucket level
  • Improved monitoring for S3 and NFS services
  • Control over storage limits for IOPS and bandwidth for protected workloads
  • Enhanced management panel for a large number of protected workloads

Enhanced Performance

  • Erasure coding improves the write performance and latency for hybrid and all-flash tiers by up to 50%.
  • Storage networking optimizations increase the performance of random multi-thread loads, while random reads are improved by up to 40%.
  • RDMA and ROCEv2 achieve better performance and lower latency 

Security and Heightened Availability

  • Manage access to S3 geo-replication for buckets with access control lists
  • Get information about all requests that are made to a bucket with an access log
  • Increase data availability by spreading storage data among new failure domains: room, row and rack

Key Benefits

Cover all use-cases and scenarios with one solution. Acronis unites software-defined compute, network and storage in a single, scalable product. You can work with a trusted solution that’s been optimized to work with Acronis Cyber Cloud’s suite of products. Deployed at Acronis data centers worldwide, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure stores more than 200+ PB of data that’s been backed up from more than 125,000 servers, PCs and mobile devices.

Businesses Expect More


Leverage a solution that fits any business model. Acronis separates the software from the hardware and offers flexible licensing, including a pay-as-you-go model. Minimize IT’s workload with an efficient, easy to manage and maintain solution.


Ensure that systems are up and running smoothly and troubleshoot problems before they impact end-users or third-party systems. Built-in management and monitoring tools like pre-integrated Prometheus engine and pre-configured Grafana dashboards make it easy.


Solve data integrity issues and be sure your data is secure with integrated Acronis CloudRAID. Acronis also encrypts data at rest using AES-256-bit encryption and incorporates Acronis Notary with blockchain technology to verify that data is authentic.

Usage Scenarios

Software-Defined Infrastructure

A combination of high-performance compute, universal software-defined storage and flexible networking allows you to grow the business without complexity concerns.

Archive Storage

Keep Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup data secure anywhere – on-premises and in public clouds, like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, or on Network Attached Storage (NAS). You can also replicate data to another data center.

File Storage

Experience exceptional performance even for partial-file updates. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is optimized to support Network File Systems (NFS), plus you can use Kerberos and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to control your permissions.

Object Storage

Develop your own AWS S3-compatible cloud storage for applications and cloud services. You’ll gain unlimited scalability to billions of objects. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure ensures the easiest, most efficient and secure option for Acronis Cyber Files Cloud.

High-performance Storage

Depend on fast block storage for high-performance tasks with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. It is highly efficient and allows you to run virtual machines (VMs) or databases with highly available Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) targets.

Usage Scenarios

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Increase efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is optimized for the Acronis Cyber Cloud suite of products.

Acronis CloudRAID

Solve any data-rebuild problems and get better data protection and performance. Acronis CloudRAID helps users manage overhead and load balancing to ensure data is always safe.

Acronis Notary

Improve regulatory compliance and guarantee the authenticity of object-storage data. Already built-in, Acronis Notary leverages the power of blockchain technology.

Acronis Cyber Appliance

The easiest and fastest way to deploy Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

  • Bring the benefits of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to your data center immediately
  • Configuration wizard takes you from just powered on to running fully-configured in 15 minutes or less

A pre-Installed cluster of five independent nodes that fits in 3U of rack space

  • Rack, cable, configure, and it’s ready to go
  • Provides all benefits of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure in a single chassis
  • Seven models available based on your capacity needs