Darktrace – PREVENT

Prioritize threats. Harden defenses. Reduce risks. Inside the organization and outside at the attack surface.

Sleep easy with Darktrace PREVENT

Why Darktrace PREVENT?

“By introducing PREVENT into our ecosystem, it’s allowed us to identify assets that we previously thought business units had retired. PREVENT allows me to go home at the end of the day knowing my network, my users, the identity of my users, and my ecosystem are in good hands.”

Klint Price, President of IT Operations and Cyber Security, Vixxo

Act first to
preempt threats.

Stay ahead of attackers with Darktrace PREVENT.
  • Hardens security proactively
  • Identifies and prioritizes risks
  • Conducts continuous around-the-clock testing
  • Emulates attacks to test vulnerabilities
  • Makes attacks more costly for attackers

Cyber AI Loop





Unparalleled Discovery

Darktrace PREVENT/ASM uses AI to understand what makes an external asset yours, searching beyond known servers, networks, and IPs, typically surfacing 30% – 50% more assets than an organization realizes it has.

PREVENT™/Attack Surface Management

Continuously monitors your attack surface for risks, high-impact vulnerabilities and external threats.

Actionable Insights

Provides a high-level overview of the evolution of your attack surface and associated risks. Presents trends on key metrics such as the type of risks found and their criticality for prioritization.

Hardening Systems

Darktrace/PREVENT communicates findings to Darktrace/DETECT + RESPOND to harden protections around critical chokepoints.



Continuously monitors your attack surface for risks, high-impact vulnerabilities and external threats.

Attack Path Modeling

Map the most relevant and impactful attack paths through your organization in real-time with this revolutionary approach. Darktrace/E2E delivers continuous visibility into the most vulnerable – and valuable – paths everywhere your data sits.





Pentest Augmentation

Darktrace/E2E continuously identifies all potential pathways and analyzes every digital touchpoint.
  • View organization from attacker’s perspective
  • Model scenarios: How would an attacker get to a key asset?
  • Assess potential damage
  • Allocate resources based on prioritized pathways
  • Automate a labor-intensive process
  • Identify at-risk and exposed user groups

Breach & Attack Emulation

Identified critical attack paths allow Darktrace/E2E to engage via AI-generated social engineering, which closely align with real-world attack scenarios.

Security & Awareness Training

Identify users who are exposed or potentially vulnerable to phishing, allowing IT teams to tailor training based on real-world data. Darktrace/E2E mimics the best attackers to test human defenses and incident response processes.

Cyber Risk Prioritization

Darktrace/E2E prioritizes vulnerabilities – complete with suggestions about how to harden them. Combined with Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND, it autonomously implements countermeasures to ensure your critical vulnerabilities and attack paths can’t be exploited and cause damage.


The best way to protect your bottom line: a loop.

The Darktrace Cyber AI Loop is built on continuous feedback and a deep, interconnected understanding of the enterprise.