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Secure Information Exchange

SecuriCDS File Transfer Guard offers a unique and secure way of exchanging file information between security domains. Powered by ZoneGuard technology, the SecuriCDS File Transfer Guard enforces your IT policy cross-domain file exchange.

A Secure way of exchanging information 

The SecuriCDS File Transfer Guard is designed to integrate two separated security domains where some files are allowed to be transferred over the zone border.

Typical use cases include controlled release of documents over zone border, label guard and restricting file transfer based on file type fingerprints or meta data. Validation can be made in depth where the file content can be filtered and approved before the file is actually transferred cross the zone border. The use cases are supported by a programmable filter which can be designed by an IT organisation and approved by a third party, e.g. IT Security Manager, before the File Transfer Guard itself allows it to be installed

Advantages for IT teams 

  • Clear architecture for file transfers between system or security domains
  • Fulfilment of internal and regulatory requirements
  • Eliminates “what if”
  • Separate logs for non-sensitive information to enable monitoring
  • Easy integration using standard network protocols
  • Providing NTP for sensitive network