EventLog Analyzer is an in-depth analytical log management tool that enhances network security

Automates the entire process of managing terabytes of machine-generated logs.


Collects, analyses, searches, reports, and archives from a central location.

Reports on user activity, regulatory compliance, historical trends, and more.

Mitigates internal threats and monitors file integrity.


Conducts log forensics analysis, monitors privileged users, and ensures compliance with regulatory bodies.

“EventLog Analyzer is “The Product” for meeting compliance requirements. We evaluated a number of products and finalized on EventLog Analyzer. It is easy to deploy and easy to monitor events on a day-to-day basis. We get the required alerts and reports on time.”

“Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application.”

Know Every Bit Of Your Network

  • Universal & centralized log collection
  • Supports agent based and agentless mechanisms

Trace The Origins Of Security Attacks

  • Perform in-depth forensics with powerful search capabilities

Manage Compliance With Your Eyes Closed

  • Adhere to various regulatory compliance policies
  • Predefined reports for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001:2013

Detect Anomalies In Real-Time

  • Proactively mitigate security breaches
  • Combat security attacks with real-time alerts and predefined reports

Protect Your Data - It's Child's Play

  • Monitor access and critical changes to files and folders

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Centralised collection and archival

Universal Log Parsing and indexing

File Integrity Monitoring

Real-time event correlation and alerts

Compliance reporting

Log forensics


All features of Premium edition +

Scalable architecture

Multi-geographical location monitoring with distributed central-collector

Site specific reports

Rebranding and client specific views