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Targeted, Repeat Assessments Lead to Improvement

Benchmarking employees is necessary for establishing a baseline, but what you do next is the key differentiator when it comes to building an effective phishing readiness program.

Adversaries are getting smarter and so should we as we begin to better prepare the human element of cyber defense.

Encourage positive behavior and track change over time with repeat simulated spear phishing assessments.  By focusing the messaging of each simulated attack on the department you’re targeting, you’re more closely mimicking the tactics seen in today’s advanced attacks, and gaining more valuable insight into how employees will respond to these attacks.

Symantec’s unique model encourages repeating assessments to the same groups over time, showing you trends in behavior, and allowing you to take the first steps in conditioning employees appropriately.

Integrated Training Completes Education Loop

Don’t stop at just assessments. Video-based education is incorporated into Phishing Readiness by teaching employees what they should look for when identifying a phishing attempt.

If an employee falls susceptible to your mock attack; educate them with a “Phishing” video module from Symantec’s Security Awareness Service. This is an important aspect in completing the education loop, as it provide positive reinforcement to the participant by empowering them to be a part of the cyber security conversation.

The powerful pairing of assessment and education gives you the combination needed to encourage and prove real results, backed by a clear approach to combating phishing attacks.