Identity And Access Management Iam Products And Services

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Products and Services

Securely connect every identity to your resources and simplify management with enhanced user experience

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Overview

Today’s enterprise identity environments are made up of various systems of record ranging from networking devices, servers, directory services, and cloud applications. Managing an identity that resides in these various systems can quickly grow into such a large administrative challenge that it negatively affects users, administrators, and application developers.

Additionally, many of today’s most damaging security breaches have been due to compromised user accounts and passwords exacerbated by users being provided with inappropriate levels of access. Securely and effectively managing identity authentication and authorization for all systems and applications is crucial to minimize security breaches.


IAM Product Details

Fortinet IAM products provide the services necessary to securely confirm the identities of users and devices as they enter the network. With our robust solution, you can control and manage identity to securely connect the right users to only the appropriate resources.

The Fortinet IAM solution includes the following products:

  • FortiAuthenticator protects against unauthorized access to corporate resources by providing centralized authentication services for the Fortinet Security Fabric, including single sign-on services, certificate management, and guest access management.
  • FortiToken further confirms the identity of users by adding a second factor to the authentication process through physical or mobile-application tokens.
  • FortiToken Cloud offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a service. Organizations can use its intuitive dashboard to manage MFA.

The combination of FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken or FortiToken Cloud effectively addresses the identity and access management challenges organizations face in this era of rapidly increasing user and device connectivity.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive, centralized authentication and authorization services

Ensure the right people get appropriate access to your data, resources, and applications

Multi-factor authentication and management

Increase certainty of user identity with the verification of another factor

Single sign-on (SSO) for web/cloud applications and network resources

Fortinet SS0 (FSSO) including modern authentication protocols federating identity for SSO (SAML, oAuth, OIDC, and API support)

Guest, BYOD, and certificate management

Customizable portals including self-service capabilities

Simple deployment and licensing

Flexible deployment modes (appliances, VMs, cloud) with non-recurring or renewal licensing options

Integration with secure directories

Leverage existing identity systems of record on-premises or in the cloud

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