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Key features

With quantum-secure encryption and wide range of tactical features, SecuriVPN ISA enables defence, critical infrastructure and public sector to take the digital revolution to the next level. Simple future-proof key management, versatile high-availability features and ability to communicate over low and high-quality transmission layers provides ease of use as well as resilient communications. Additional functionalities, such as multicast support, quality of service, dynamic routing, radio silence and emergency erase, enable a wide range of use cases.

Tailored for long-term communication privacy

Long-term communication privacy is ensured by unique technology developed by Advenica. All IP communication, data transfer and key handling is protected by quantum-secure algorithms and protocols, exclusive for the SecuriVPN product range. SecuriVPN renders vital network security functionalities such as authentication of information origin, integrity control, and anti-replay mechanism. It also enables network architecture masking.

Integrated insider threat protection

To eliminate the risk of unauthorised disclosure of classified information by rogue administrative staff, Advenica has developed technology to separate classified information and transport networks from device administration, called Three Domain Separation. The patented Three Domain Separation technology introduces a third domain, administration domain, in addition to the traditional Red/Black domain separation. Thus, classified information from the protected (RED) domain cannot be accessed from the administration domain. The Three Domain Separation technology effectively eliminates the insider threat in government, armed forces, intelligence organisations as well as in critical infrastructure organisations.

Quantum-secure IP encryption for strategic and tactical communications

With arrival of quantum computers, the most popular encryption algorithms are no longer able to provide adequate protection to information with extended lifetime naturally generated by for example defence agencies during intelligence gathering missions, battlefield operations, disaster relief and collaboration with allies. Advenicas unique encryption technology based quantum-secure algorithms are used for both encryption of data in motion and key exchange. It also enables SecuriVPN ISA to provide tactical features such as silent mode reception to avoid detection, easy and fast declassification to CCI, low power consumption for mobile mode, power outage resilience with key preservation as well as distributed central management.


Certified IP communication system for the world’s most demanding customers

SecuriVPN ISA is a hardware based quantum-secure network encryptor that provides the means for truly private communication within a geographically scattered organisation or between temporary multi-organisations. Such private communication, to be compared to a sealed off tunnel, enables data to be sent and received across untrusted networks, all while preventing advanced attackers e.g. state-funded attackers, from reading or changing the data.

With quantum-secure algorithms, SecuriVPN ISA excels in protecting data with extended lifetime while safeguarding against interception, replay attacks and manipulation of the information.


Target customers

Quantum-secure encryption modules, SecuriVPN ISA, provides sustainable communication privacy to customers such as Ministries of Defence, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, homeland security, international battle groups, secret intelligence, law enforcement, and financial institutions, as well as organisations and companies responsible for energy production and distribution.

SecuriVPN ISA has strong customer references in the government, police and military sectors.