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Deception-based Breach Protection
Deceive, Expose and Eliminate External and Internal Threats

FortiDeceptor: Deception-based Breach Protection Overview

In the evolving threat landscape, security leaders are concerned about maintaining business resiliency in the face of cyber threats including ransomware, 0-day attacks that target legacy systems, and lateral attacks. These threats don’t just affect IT networks, they can have an impact on interconnected OT networks as well. According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report, two-thirds of breaches found were from external actors; the remaining one-third involved internal actors. Reactive security solutions focus on protecting either external threats or internal threats, but not both.

Based on deception technology, FortiDeceptor complements an organization’s existing breach protection strategy. It is designed to deceive, expose and eliminate external and internal threats early in the attack kill chain before any significant damage occurs.


FortiDeceptor: Deception-based Breach Protection Product Details

Using FortiDeceptor, organizations can rapidly create a fake environment that simulates the real network and assets. Through the automatic deployment of decoys and tokens, the deception network seamlessly integrates with an existing IT/OT infrastructure to lure external and internal attackers into revealing themselves. FortiDeceptor can serve as an early warning system by detecting an attacker’s activity and the lateral movement of a broader threat campaign. The threat intelligence gathered from the attacker can be applied automatically to inline security controls to stop attacks before any real damage is done.

Features and Benefits

Simple Management

Centrally manage a distributed deployment of FortiDeceptor and intelligent discovery and automated deployment of pre-built or custom decoys

Actionable Visibility

GUI driven threat map quickly uncovers threat campaigns targeting your organization

Unified IT-OT breach protection

Lure attacks away from critical assets across both IT and OT environments

Automated Protection

Part of the Fortinet Security Fabric for integration with FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSOAR, and third-party solutions to provide real-time and severity-based blocking

Improved Security Posture

Goes beyond malware protection by focusing on the threat actors