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Threat Detected

AI queuing mechanisms prioritize themselves

Analyst Deep Dive

Threats are classified by feature extraction, intel, ActiveEDR + Storyline, logs, and the analyst’s professional judgement.

Threats Insights

All console incidents are interpreted and annotated to keep you in the loop

Action & Next Steps

Vigilance mitigates and resolves threats for you and opens proactive escalation as needed

24/7 Threat Assessment and Response Protect You from Breaches That Make Headlines

Advanced attacks are the hardest to detect. These threats are driven by advanced actors and are designed to evade detection. You must maintain a constant watch to ensure timely detection and swift response, all while avoiding hampering the flow of information that powers your business. SentinelOne Vigilance MDR helps you respond swiftly and appropriately to every alert.

Why SentinelOne Vigilance MDR?

Accelerated Event Prioritization

SentinelOne Vigilance MDR adds an extra layer of assurance to your SentinelOne solution. Our Team of cybersecurity experts augment your Team 24/7. Our value is on helping you focus on the most emergent situations while resolving all others on your behalf.


The Vigilance MDR Team is built from 100% in-house personnel and never outsourced. We are situated globally to offer follow-the-sun analysis via a tiered escalation model. We are proud to be trusted to serve many of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Fewer Alerts, More Context

Vigilance MDR complements our autonomous agent technology designed to aggregate and automatically contextualize complex dataflows. MDR adds additional human context resulting in even fewer alerts. We return precious time to you.

Get the Vigilance service along with the product and they take care of all the basic security incidents, alert on the advanced issues, and provide great reports.