BitDefender EDR+NDR Endpoint Detect and Response + Network Traffic Security Analytics

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BitDefender combines 4 aspects what creates a 360 view of the environment this based on FILES, HOSTS, USERS & NETWORK.

By using Cloud threat intelligence, machine learning and behavior analytics applied to network traffic and devices to detect advanced attacks early and enable effective remediation and the possibility to threat hunt.

Bitdefender GravityZone Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service (MEDR) is a managed threat-monitoring service responsible for detecting intrusions and malicious activities that may otherwise go undetected.
Staffed by an elite team of security experts from Bitdefender Labs, it complements GravityZone Ultra’s EDR capability to monitor environments 24/7 for stealthy and destructive malware, notifying customers and recommending actions as appropriate. It offers managed threat detection, automated alerting and alert analysis.

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is an enterprise security solution that accurately detects breaches and provides insights into advanced attacks by analyzing network traffic. It lets organizations quickly detect and fight sophisticated threats by complementing pre-existing security architecture – network and endpoint – with specialized network-based defense.