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Enterprise vulnerability management software

Vulnerability Manager Plus is prioritization-focused vulnerability management tool for enterprises offering built-in patch management. It’s a strategic solution for your security teams, delivering comprehensive visibility, assessment, and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities across your network from a central console. Learn how to perform step-by-step vulnerability management in your enterprise with Vulnerability Manager Plus.


Scan and discover exposed areas of all your local and remote office endpoints as well as roaming devices.


Leverage attacker-based analytics, and prioritize areas that are more likely to be exploited by an attacker.


Mitigate the exploitation of security loopholes that exist in your network and prevent further loopholes from developing.

Features and benefits

Vulnerability assessment

Identify real risks from a plethora of vulnerabilities.

Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities based on exploitability, severity, age, affected system count, as well as the availability of the fix.

Patch management

Customize, orchestrate, and automate your entire patching process.

Download, test, and deploy patches automatically to Windows, Mac, Linux, and over 250 third-party applications with an integral patching module—at no additional cost.

Security configuration management

Optimize your system’s security.

Make sure your network systems are enforced with complex passwords, least privileges, and memory protection, and ensure they’re compliant with CIS and STIG security guidelines.

Web server hardening

Don’t miss out on your internet-facing devices.

Obtain details on the cause, impact, and remedies of web server security flaws. This information helps establish and maintain servers that are secure from many attack variants.

High-risk software audit

Get rid of unauthorized and unsupported software.

Identify software such as remote desktop sharing, end-of-life, and peer-to-peer software that are deemed unsafe, and uninstall them from your endpoints in no time.

Zero-day vulnerability mitigation

Stop waiting around for patches.

Deploy pre-built, tested scripts without waiting for a patch to secure your network from zero-day vulnerabilities.

Beyond the capabilities of traditional vulnerability management software

Executive reports

Review your security posture and make informed decisions with holistic reports.

Antivirus audits

Gain insight on antivirus protection across your network systems.

Deployment policies

Decide when to patch, what to patch, and how to patch.

Role-based administration

Define roles and delegate tasks to technicians based on enterprise needs.

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