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(ONSITE) Sertalink: DRATA & LOG360 Gin-tasting Event: A Refreshing Approach to Compliance Management - Thu Feb 29, 2024

What to expect?

Introducing DRATA for Compliance Management:
– Embrace the cutting-edge insights of DRATA’s automated risk assessments, navigating the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape with precision and foresight.

– Let DRATA’s expertise guide you towards comprehensive cybersecurity protection, empowering you to anticipate and address emerging threats with confidence.

– Embark on this cybersecurity adventure and discover the transformative power of proactive risk management, accompanied by the excellence of our customer speakers/ambassador.

Introducing LOG360 for Comprehensive Evidence Collection:
– Learn how LOG360, a leading solution in log management and security information, complements DRATA by providing a robust evidence collection mechanism.

– Enhance your compliance journey with LOG360’s features for audit trails, forensic analysis, and real-time log monitoring and observation.

Afterwards, we’ll have a delightful gin-tasting experience roaming the production space of Sterkstokers.

Date: Thursday 29/02/2024 | Time: 1 PM – 4.30 PM | Location: Theo Coertjenslaan 10, 2960 Brecht


01:00 PM: DRATA + LOG360 Introduction + Demo with our ambassador: CIO Timothy Fontaine of MINT
02:15 PM: Walking buffet & Networking
03:00 PM: Gin-tour and -tasting
04:30 PM: End event

Reserve your spot now by registering on the right.
For questions, feel free to contact us by mail: or by phone: +32 487 87 40 07

Be sure to savor the cybersecurity flavors and enjoy the tasting… 🍸


(ONSITE) Sertalink - Bundling EDR, NDR & SIEM for complete SOC Visibility Triad - Thu Mar 21, 2024

What to expect:

Discover how NDR & CDR navigate the dynamic threat landscape, identifying and mitigating network threats with cutting-edge technology and trend insights.

Transition seamlessly to EDR & XDR’s expertise, understanding the crucial role of EDR in responding to endpoint threats and staying ahead with the latest threat intelligence.

Conclude the journey with the SIEM solution (Datalake with UEBA) , showcasing the significance of collecting, analyzing, and managing security data for incident detection, response, and compliance.

This combined with an engaging Q&A session, a pleasant lunch & a carefree experience flying near Brussels.


Date: Thursday 21/03/2024 | Time: 9 AM – 5.30 PM | Location: Beiaardlaan 31, 1850 Grimbergen



09:00 AM: Welcome Coffee
09:20 AM: Sertalink – Elevate your cybersecurity strategy
09:40 AM: Vectra – Navigating the threat landscape
10:20 AM: Coffee Break
10:35 AM: SentinelOne – Endpoint security excellence
11:15 AM: Exabeam – Mastering security intelligence
11:55 AM: Coffee Break
12:10 PM: SOC Visibility Triad Demo + Q&A
12:50 PM: Lunch
13:50 PM: Flight Experience

Reserve your spot now by registering on the right.
For questions, feel free to contact us by mail: or by phone: +32 487 87 40 07

Be sure to fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight… 🛫


Planned Webinars

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Sertalink Security Services + VLAIO (Dutch) - Tue Feb 27, 2024 - 10 am (CET)

As a partner/distributor in the Belgian landscape, besides offering multiple Cybersecurity – / IT-management solutions, we also offer a variety of Security Services that the Belgian Market has a need for today, these services are there to validate how far you currently are in your Security Posture and gives you a quick overview in what you need to improve.

We will also cover the cybersecurity improvement trajectories since we partnered up with VLAIO this year. We’ll explain how we help Flemish SMEs and social enterprises with purchase advice and/ or guidance to improve their cybersecurity maturity.

In this webinar, we will focus on such services such as:
– The Cybersecurity Improvement Trajectories with VLAIO
– Vulnerability scanning as a service
– Backup as a service
– Disaster Recovery as a service
– Network Operations center 24/7 services
– SOC 24/7 services
– MDR 24/7 Services for MS
– Pen-testing
– Security Awareness Services
– Breach and attack simulation services
– Intern attack path mapping (pen-test)
– Extern attack path mapping (pen-test)
– Threat hunting on the IT network
– AD/Azure AD attack path mapping
– Red team vs Blue team security validation
– Domain-/URL-audit
– Physical penetration testing
– Application security testing on URLs
– M365 tenant
– Tabletop exercise CIRP of DRP
– Digital risk assessment
– OT security audit
– Firewall
– Security Policy
– Onsite Awarenesstraining & Phishing
And many more…

We hope to have you present!


Sertalink - ManageEngine: See the evolution of the SOC Triad... (Endpoint Central Webinar - English) - Tue Mar 26, 2024 - 10 am (CET)

… turn into a Pentagram Security View.

Help your organization with a unified endpoint management solution by managing and securing your endpoints, including desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. Providing a centralized platform for managing patches, deploying software, imaging, and deploying operating systems.
ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central (UEM) offers this, as well as a variety of security features, such as ransomware protection, data loss prevention, and application and device security. Register for our webinar to check out the advantages.


• Manage all endpoints from a single platform, such as desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices including BYOD (Bring your own device)
• Protect endpoints with ransomware, data loss prevention, and application and device security
• Automate routine tasks, reduce manual intervention, and free up IT staff
• Demo
• Q&A session


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