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(ONSITE) Sertalink: ManageEngine at INFOPOL XPO112 Kortrijk - Tue April 23 - Thu April 25, 2024

We will be representing ManageEngine at our stand 604!

Feel fre to join us at our booth.

For more info, visit the Infopol website:

(ONSITE) Sertalink - Ransomware Negotiations - Tue Apr 23, 2024

Ransomware Negotiation, Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas

Ransomware negotiation strategies are integral in confronting the rising threat of cyberattacks, requiring organizations to navigate a delicate balance between mitigating financial losses and grappling with ethical dilemmas. The decision to engage in negotiations involves assessing the value of compromised data, understanding the motives of attackers, and employing professional negotiators or cybersecurity experts. Yet, the ethical quandaries are profound, as paying ransoms may perpetuate a cycle of extortion, emboldening cybercriminals, while refusing to negotiate risks irreparable data loss and prolonged disruptions. Striking the right ethical balance between protecting data integrity and avoiding incentivizing criminal activities remains a persistent challenge in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity.

We invite you for a round table & dinner in Restaurant Michel in Groot-Bijgaarden on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 to learn about ransomware negotiation strategies. This round table is also an opportunity to network with CIO’s, CISO’s and other digital leaders.


  • 18:00 Welcome reception
  • 18:45 Round table & dinner with Johan Kestens as keynote speakers
  • 22:00 End


(ONSITE) Sertalink: Taming the Threat Landscape - Roundtable on Advanced Detection, Response, and Risk Management - Thu May 16, 2024

Join us for a roundtable discussion at Kasteel Fruithof on May 16th, where we’ll delve into the power of combining Microsoft Sentinel integrations, DFIR & Incident Response Services, and Virtual CISO & Advisory/Managed Risk Services for a stronger security posture. ️

What to expect:

We’ll kick off the evening with an introduction to Sertalink and how we can guide you to elevate your cybersecurity strategy. Afterwards, the stage is all eSentire’s! Discover how to leverage Microsoft Sentinel for enhanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities.
Explore how their DFIR and Incident Response Services can empower your team to effectively respond to security incidents. Learn how eSentire’s comprehensive suite of services, including Security Testing/Assessments, Vulnerability Management, CISO & Advisory Services, Managed Phishing & Security Awareness Training, and Dark Web Monitoring, can help you build a robust security posture.
The evening with conclude with a Q&A session where you’ll get to quiz the experts. Whether you want to focus on recommendations for optimising your security investments or discuss security best practices, the eSentire team will help you address your specific needs.

Date: Thursday 16/05/2024 | Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Location: Fruithoflaan 15, 2530 Boechout (GPS: Kasteel Fruithof)

06:00 PM: Welcome & drinks
06:30 PM: Sertalink Introduction
06:45 PM: Appetizer
07:05 PM: Unlocking the Power of Microsoft Sentinel Integrations
07:20 PM: Soup
07:40 PM: DFIR & Incident Response Services: Your Team’s Force Multiplier
07:55 PM: Main course
08:25 PM: Building a Holistic Security Strategy with Virtual CISO & Advisory/Managed Risk Services
08:40 PM: Dessert
09:00 PM: Security Maturity Assessment & MDR for Network Pricing
09:15 PM: Q&A Session
09:30 PM: Networking & afterdrinks
10:00 PM: End

For questions, feel free to contact us by mail: or by phone: +32 487 87 40 07



(ONSITE) Sertalink: Manage & Secure - The Endpoint event - Thu May 23, 2024

Endpoint Management and EDR are both powerful solutions in their respective domains, and when integrated effectively, they can create a comprehensive and robust endpoint security and administration strategy.
Integrating both creates an effective synergy for comprehensive endpoint management and security. See how our product deploys and manages EDR agents, streamlining threat detection and response.
The integration extends to patch management, ensuring swift vulnerability remediation. Combined reporting offers holistic insights, while automation features enhance operational efficiency.
This collaboration provides organizations with a unified, streamlined approach to endpoint security, simplifying management and fortifying defenses. Come along to know more about the two!

Date: Tuesday 23/05/2024 | Time: 9 AM – 1 PM | Location: 12 Rue Jean Engling, 1466 Dommeldange Luxembourg (GPS: DoubleTree by Hilton Luxembourg)

09:30 AM: Welcome coffee
10:00 AM: Sertalink Introduction
10:15 AM: ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central: Endpoint Management
10:35 AM: SentinelOne: Endpoint Security
11:00 AM: Coffee break
11:15 AM: ManageEngine + SentinelOne Demo
11:45 PM: Lunch

For questions, feel free to contact us by responding to this email: or by phone: +32 487 87 40 07
Until then!


(ONSITE) Sertalink: ManageEngine Partner event (Luxembourg) - Thu June 6, 2024

Attention, IT Partners! Ready to level up your expertise and dominate the market?

Join our ManageEngine partner conference and become a Sertalink-partner. During the sessions you’ll uncover all the advantages within your team, knowledge & business!

Date: Tuesday 06/06/2024 | Time: 9 AM – 1.30 PM | Location: 12 Rue Jean Engling, 1466 Dommeldange Luxembourg (GPS: DoubleTree by Hilton Luxembourg)

09:00 AM: Welcome Coffee
09:20 AM: Partnerships & platform
09:40 AM: ManageEngine Portfolio: The Full Suite
10:00 AM: Coffee Break
10:15 AM: ManageEngine products: Focusing on Active Directory, ITSM & IT Security
11:00 AM: Q&A
11:10 AM: Partner experience
11:25 AM: Lunch & Networking

Not yet a partner? No worries! This event is also open to potential partners who want to explore the power of ManageEngine.
Come discover how we can help you thrive in the IT landscape by registering on the right.


Planned Webinars

List Below: (Click To Expand)

Sertalink - ManageEngine: Logmanagement for compliancy: NIS, ISO,... (LOG360 Webinar - English) - Thu April 25, 2024 - 10 am (CET)

Help your organization with a SIEM solution to collect, analyze, and correlate security logs from a wide range of sources, including on-premises devices, cloud infrastructure, and applications.
A centralized platform for monitoring network activity, detecting threats, and investigating security incidents all with Log360.

Besides this, it also offers a variety of compliance reporting capabilities to help organizations meet their regulatory requirements. So don’t hesitate to register yourself to discover more.

• Unified log management for comprehensive visibility
• Advanced SIEM for threat detection and response
• Streamlined compliance reporting
• Best practices + Demo
• Q&A

We hope to have you present!


Sertalink - KnowBe4: Stop Clicks, Save Millions - Awareness Training Builds Your Human Firewall - Tue May 7, 2024 - 10 am (CET)

KnowBe4’s Phishing and Security Awareness Training!
Empowering employees through security awareness and phishing training significantly reduces the risk of cyberattacks this with the Leader of the market in Security Awareness and Training Solutions.

KnowBe4 offers a comprehensive training platform with various modules that cover different aspects of cybersecurity.

These modules educate employees on topics like:
• Identifying phishing emails and social engineering tactics
• Recognizing malware and other threats
• Secure password practices
• Data security best practices
• Importance of reporting suspicious activity

KnowBe4 provides simulated phishing emails that mimic real-world attacks.
These emails are sent to employees to test their ability to identify and avoid phishing attempts.

• Introduction Knowbe4
• Overview platform: Security Awareness training campaigns, Phishing campaigns & Reporting
• Product Demo
• Q&A session

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Invest in KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training today and protect your organization from cyberattacks.
Register for a free KnowBe4 webinar to learn more about how you can secure your organization.


Sertalink - Exabeam: Capture the Flag Workshop (English) - Tue May 8, 2024 - 1pm (CET)

Join Exabeam and Sertalink for a fun-game of Capture the Flag (CTF)!

Challenge yourself, get a firsthand view into the power of Exabeam behavioural analytics, threat hunting, and automation and their ability to transform your team’s TDIR capabilities.

Learn why we are partnering with Sertalink who is the leading provider of Cybersecurity technology for Belgian customers.

You’ll be presented with a series of challenges. When a challenge is solved, a “flag” is given and points awarded. Get the top score earn bragging rights as the CTF Champion and win a special prize!

New to Exabeam or Capture the Flag? No problem!

Fun will be had! Technical experts from Exabeam and Sertalink are on hand to offer in-game support.


  • Welcome: 13:00 – 13:10 
  • Demo: 13:10-13:25 
  • Overview & Registration: 13:25-13:30 
  • Exabeam Capture the Flag: 13:30 – 15:00


  • Apple Airpods Pro 2 
  • Bowers Wilkins Px7 S2
  • Star Wars Lego Set 


Sertalink - ManageEngine: Reduce IT complexity & achieve full-stack observability (OPManager + Site 24x7 Webinar - English) - Tue May 14, 2024 - 10 am (CET)

IT infrastructure monitoring solutions offer comprehensive visibility into the health and performance of your IT infrastructure, including servers and network devices. Enabling you to identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your business. These solutions typically encompass both on-premises and cloud-based monitoring capabilities, providing a holistic view of your IT environment.

To learn more about this, you can easily register yourself for our OPManager
& Site 24×7 webinar to dive into the benefits of ITOM solutions.

• Unified visibility for availability and performance of your IT infrastructure
• Proactive problem detection and resolution
• Optimized performance and business continuity
• Product Demo
• Q&A session


Sertalink - ManageEngine: ITSM, more than an IT-need... (ServiceDeskPlus Webinar - English) - Tue June , 2024 - 10 am (CET)

A comprehensive IT service management (ITSM) solution that helps organizations manage and deliver IT services effectively is always a winner. Even better when it provides a wide range of features for incident management, problem management, change management, and asset management.
Being available in both on-premises and cloud-based deployments, and possible to be integrated with a variety of other IT management tools, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a popular choice for organizations of all sizes.

Make sure you register for our webinar to know more about it and learn how it can easily help your organization.

• Streamlined IT service delivery
• Enhanced IT productivity
• Reduced IT costs
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Best practices +Demo
• Q&A


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