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FortiIsolator – Browser Isolation

Access the web securely with browser isolation

Browser Isolation Overview

FortiIsolator, Fortinet’s browser isolation platform, adds an additional advanced threat protection capability to the Fortinet Security Fabric and protects critical business data from sophisticated threats out on the web. Content and files from the web are accessed in a remote container and then risk-free content is rendered to users. 

Sophisticated threats on the web multiply by the day. It’s nearly impossible to stay current about what threats reside on which pages, and what objects are good or malicious. It can be intimidating to keep up with the proliferation of advanced attacks.

FortiIsolator allows organizations to keep their most critical, high-value targets secure from the onslaught of threats. It allows users to browse the web in an isolated environment, which renders safe content in a remote container. FortiIsolator is a completely remote environment that does not require an install on a user’s computer or device. 


Safely access internet content

User activity on the web passes through a remote isolation environment, protecting the end user and device from potentially risky web content.

Clientless browser access

Content is rendered to any modern HTML 5 browser, removing dependencies on specific devices or applications.

Security Fabric integration

FortiIsolator seamlessly integrates with FortiGate and FortiMail to add an additional layer of defense against advanced web-borne threats.


Boost Productivity

Clientless browser isolation quickly renders safe web content for the end user, keeping employees on track and focused.

Secure Valuable Data

This added layer of advanced protection increases security for your high-value data.

Free Up Resources

Rendering lighter-weight web content can help reduce memory leak issues, prevent PC slowdowns and free valuable personnel resources to focus on proactive support.