O365 Manager Plus is an extensive Office 365 reporting, management, and auditing solution that helps administrators manage their Office 365 setup effortlessly.

Office 365 Reporting
  • Monitor mailbox traffic and understand Exchange Online adoption inside your organization.
  • Identify malicious spam emails to keep your Exchange Online environment secure.
  • Identify inactive users, soon-to-expire licenses, and soon-to-expire passwords with reports on Azure Active Directory to take preemptive actions and avoid unexpected consequences.
  • View Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business usage statistics.
  • Ensure that IT compliance standards like SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and FISMA are met with the help of compliance reports.
Office 365 Management
  • Bulk reset passwords to substantially reduce the amount of time you spend resetting user passwords individually.
  • Perform other bulk user management activities, like user permission changes, attribute changes, and more, eliminating the need to pick users individually for each task.
  • Add or remove licenses in bulk to simplify license management.
  • Configure groups in bulk and control whether they receive internal or external emails.
  • Configure mailbox auto reply settings and schedule custom, automatic messages to be sent to select users.
Office 365 Auditing
  • User log ons and log offs to monitor Office 365 users’ behaviors.
  • Critical license changes made by users, to avoid license-related issues.
  • The smallest attribute changes made by users.
  • Mailbox permission and property changes to keep the Exchange Online environment in check.
Office 365 Alerting
  • Create custom alerts for specific actions.
  • Specify whether all mailboxes or only select mailboxes need to be monitored for suspicious activity.
  • Create your own custom alert messages to send to administrators.
  • Email administrators about which action triggered an alert to help them locate the source of the action immediately.
Office 365 Help Desk Delegation
  • Create technician accounts to delegate tasks to non-administrative users, such as help desk technicians, front line officials, or HR Associates, to reduce the workload of AD admins.
  • Create your own custom roles by selecting any combination of reporting, management, and auditing tasks to delegate.
  • Audit all technician activities going on in your environment.
  • Track admin activities with details on what operation was performed and when.
  • View a summary of Office 365 tenants, management tasks, reporting tasks, and profile actions delegated to each and every technician.

“The biggest challenge we have with Office 365 is the license management and billing process. Although we are made of multiple business units, Microsoft only produces a single invoice per license. As you can imagine, this makes it difficult to associate the relevant costs to each of our business units . . .

We can now effectively reconcile which licenses we are using in the organization and assign the cost to the business unit. We were also able to identify a number of license changes that could be put in place that reduced our total Office 365 spending.”

200+ Extensive Reports

Get valuable insights on Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other services with exhaustive preconfigured reports.

Office 365 Management

Manage mailboxes, users, groups, and contacts effortlessly, in bulk. Reset users’ passwords and assign or remove licenses easily.

Advanced Auditing

Track even the most granular user activities in Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Sway, and other services.

Service Based Altering

Get notified about critical activities and changes happening in your Office 365 environment. With custom alerts eliminate the need to constantly check audit reports for malicious activities.

Help Desk Delegation

Delegate customized roles to non-administrative users to reduce the workload of Office 365 admins. Audit admin and technician activities with built-in reports.

Security & Compliance

Ensure compliance and security by continuously monitoring admin and user activities, mailbox security, and password settings.

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