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Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android

Secure your mobile devices and keep a close eye on sensitive enterprise data both inside and outside companies’ walls. Ensures complete protection of all your enterprise mobile endpoints and enables a detailed control over companies’ mobile devices fleet. In the BYOD era, where the line between work and leisure gets thinner day by day, we offer enhanced security for sensitive company information stored on personal smartphones and tablets and discrete monitoring over personal mobile device use in corporate environments, allowing at the same time a clear limitation between business and private employee stored data.

Strong Security

Easy over-the-air control over mobile devices and enforcement of strong security policies to keep sensitive business data secured on any mobile endpoint at any time.

Tracking and Locating

Keep a close eye on all company mobile device fleet and know where your critical business data is carried at all times.

iOS/Android Support

We offer enhanced control over the use of latest Android and iOS smartphones and tablets available on the market, keeping up with companies employee’s changing needs.

Virtual/Hardware Appliance

Endpoint Protector as Hardware and Virtual Appliance is the right solution to avoid spending hours just reading the installation guide. You have it all already installed.
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