Self-service password management and single sign-on solution

Support end users, empower technicians

IT Admins can:

Users can:

Allow users to reset passwords, anywhere.

Besides the default web portal, users can reset passwords from their iOS and Android mobile devices,
as well as the login screen of their Windows, macOS, or Linux machines.

At the Office

At Home

On the move

Not just a password reset tool.

ADSelfService Plus takes security very seriously.

Improve password security

Enforce strong user passwords by requiring special characters and blacklisting dictionary words and patterns. Prevent users from using previous passwords during password resets.

Endpoint security

Fortify machine (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and VPN logons with MFA for local and remote access to network resources 

Conditional Acces Policy

Automate access control decisions, like enforcing MFA for login or restricting access to self-service features and SSO, based on risk factors such as IP address, device, business hours, or geolocation

Enhanced MFA

Utilize advanced  multi-factor authentication (MFA) techniaues like biometrics and QR codes to verify user identity.

Remote self-service

Secure cached credential updates via VPN during remote password resets 

Active Directory Self-Service

Self-service directory update

Offer a secure portal through which end users can self-ipdate their Active Directory profile information

Employee directory search

Provide a self-service employee search tool that helps end users find their colleagues Active Directory profile information

Organization chart

Display a detailed organization chart that helps end users find coworkers’ reporting staff and direct reporters 

Email group subscription

Help users take control of their mailbox with a self-service Active Directory groups subscription system.

Help desk monitored self-service

Enforce fine-grained password policies for Active Directory that includes a password dictionary filter, a pattern checker, and more.

User profile management

Manage Active Directory user profiles by forcing users to update their information when they log in to the user portal

One Identity

Enterprise single sign-on

Allow users to access multiple enterprise applications with one identity using single sign-on.

Real-time password synchronizer

Synchronize Active Directory password resets and changes with connected enterprise applications in real time.

Active Directory authentication

Provide Active Directory authentication for SAML-enabled applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce.

Single sign-on for custom applications

Provide a secure single sign-on solution for all SAML-supported custom applications.

Two-factor authentication for improved cloud security

Provide secure access to cloud applications using two-factor authentication

Password self-service for cloud apps

Allow users to reset the passwords for enterprise cloud applications like Office 365 and Salesforce.

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