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Vulnerability assessment and management solution


  • Continually scan for network and application vulnerabilities
  • Daily updates and specialized testing methodologies to catch 99.99% of detectable vulnerabilities
  • Data driven, flexible reporting options to empower remediation teams
  • *Bug bounty program* for any discovered proven false positives!
  • Complete organizational control

Designed to get you the most accurate and fastest possible improvement in network security customized for your organization’s needs.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind
    • From boot up to scanning your networks in less than 5 minutes
    • Flexible deployment models: cloud based, on premise or Hybrid Cloud options – only you decide how to deploy!
    • Accurate scanning with near zero false positives to save you time
    • Automatic, daily vulnerability database updates – stay ahead of the latest threats
  • Simple and transparent pricing
    • All features, scan functions and report formats available by default
    • No hidden “modules”
    • Pay only for active IP’s
  • No host-based clients or agents required
    • With full capabilities – authenticated scans, patch detection, and more
    • Allows you to fully scan even BYOD environments