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Security and Non-Security Patches

While phishing is the primary cause for breaches, managing and patching internal systems is just as important. Analyst firm Gartner predicts that „by the end of 2020 99% of vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be the ones known by security and IT professionals”.

Fully integrated in the GravityZone platform, Patch Management add-on module enables organizations to keep operating systems and software applications up to date and provides a comprehensive view on the patch status across the entire Windows install base. The patching module delivers updates for the entire fleet of workstations, physical servers or virtual servers.

The GravityZone Patch Management module includes several features, such as on-demand / scheduled patch scanning, automatic / manual patching or missing patch reporting.

Businesses that patch their endpoints will strengthen their security posture and compliance with regulations, while improving operational efficiency.

Reduce risks against advanced attacks

Unpatched systems leave organizations vulnerable to data breaches. GravityZone Patch Management module enables organizations to keep OS and Applications up to data across the entire Windows install base.

Achieve Compliance

Data privacy is now more important that ever, especially in today’s commercial context. GravityZone Patch Management ensures a company is compliant to regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.


GravityZone Patch Management module supports both automatic and manual patching, giving organizations greater flexibility and efficiency for the entire process, anywhere – on site and remote


Automatic & On-Demand Patching

Highly flexible process allows to perform scheduled scanning for missing patches, different scheduling for security and non-security patches, specific vendor/product patching or postpone reboot for patches that requires restart.

Patch Inventory

Provides detailed information centering patches (CVE, BuletinID), quick deployment of missing patches and patch blacklisting – temporary prevent installation of patches that might break workflow. 

Reporting and Notifications

Full visibility and control on endpoint status from the perspective of installed/missing/failed patches.

Patch Caching

Low impact on network traffic thanks to patches distribution from the delay

Integrated, Centralized Management

GravityZone is now a Single unified Endpoint Security platform, not only for protecting your endpoints from advanced attacks but also for incident response and patch management.

Comprehensive Coverage

Patch physical and virtual Windows workstations, and third-party apps.