A Leap Beyond Second-Generation Solutions

Get stronger protection against modern, increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Web and mobile applications are being used for nearly every aspect of business operation and are becoming the trusted environments for mission-critical business applications. Consequently, web server infrastructures are facing an increasing number of complex threats that Intrusion Prevention Systems, Load Balancers and Next-Generation Firewalls can no longer address.

Fortunately, Symantec Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Reverse Proxy combat these new challenges head-on, providing robust security with next-generation content nature detection engines, high performance content delivery, and operational simplicity. Built on a secure proxy architecture, our solutions allow organizations to secure and accelerate their web mobile applications to end users, customers, employees and vendors.

Content Nature Detection – A New Approach for a Web Firewall

Unleash the power of our content nature engines.

Symantec Web Application Firewall (WAF) proprietary Content Nature Detection Engines understand the context of the content, representing a fundamental shift in attack detection technology that improves the overall accuracy and reliability of attack identification. When a request comes in, it is parsed and broken down into parts, then analyzed against these engines, similarly to how a compiler parses and analyzes code. If the system believes that a request has something that can detonate on the target, it can then be either monitored or blocked according to your policy configuration.

The Content Nature Detection Engines can combat many of today’s web application attacks, including code injection, HTML injection, directory traversal, command injection, JSON validation, SQL injection and cross-site scripting. As a crucial element of our web app firewall, these engines include:

  • HTML5 and JavaScript parser / dictionary
  • Shells’ command grammar and interpreter
  • Compiler-like SQL parsing and analysis

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Website Application Firewall

Choose a proxy firewall designed for zero-day protection.

Symantec WAF approaches Layer 7 defense in a new way. It addresses the short-comings inherent in traditional signature-based approaches by delivering security protections and operational improvements. Symantec WAF is designed to block new, unknown attacks by default, conducting advanced threat analysis on both inbound and outbound content to detect and protect infrastructure from attacks. Protection is provided through both signature-based engines capable of blocking known attack patterns; and advanced, signature-less engines designed to uncover unknown and zero-day attacks in web traffic. Our web app firewall uses the most advanced content nature detection engines to identify obfuscation and prevent new attacks. Bolster your web firewall with:

  • Increased zero-day protection
  • Signature-based and signature-less engines
  • Lower false positives

An Enterprise Web Application Firewall That’s Built for Efficiency

Get better protection and performance with lower operational cost.

Set it and forget it. Unlike signatures and rules-based WAFs where the signatures must be updated weekly or even daily, our content nature engines only need updating when there are changes to application language specifications (for example, HTML, Javascript, SQL). There is significantly less dependency between the application groups and security teams as our engines understand the underlying languages. Even when applications change, the security model and configuration remain the same and, like most web app firewalls, ours performs faster and better when it is not required to manage an ever-growing number of signatures. But the performance and efficiency advantages don’t stop there. The Symantec web firewall also delivers:

  • A secure, object-based operating system specifically designed to handle web content and rich media
  • Patented proxy caching technology with an optimized TCP stack for efficient web content acceleration
  • Rich media support for stream splitting and video on-demand caching
  • Bandwidth controls on all proxy services
  • SSL services including hardware-accelerated key negotiation, encryption, and decryption

Deploy an Intermediary Between Web Applications and the External Clients Who Attempt to Access Them

Protect critical web applications with a reverse web proxy.

Reverse proxy solutions protect critical web applications by providing a termination point where deep inspection for malware and mission-critical policy is applied to inbound traffic.

A reverse web proxy solution gives organizations the ability to govern traffic and payloads on a wide variety of parameters, including location, devices, clients, software, protocols, and more. It can be used with either public-facing or internally facing web servers. Our reverse web proxy equips you to:

  • Hide web server complexity
  • Offload SSL decryption
  • Cache web server content
  • Inspect incoming files and executables

Secure and Accelerate Web Applications and Websites with a Reverse Proxy

A critical component of your defense architecture.

Organizations use web-based applications for nearly every aspect of business operations, from public websites to mission-critical business applications.

Along with an improved user experience comes increased vulnerability, sluggish performance, and greater complexity, all of which strain existing web server infrastructures. To secure and accelerate web applications and public websites, depend on Symantec for web reverse proxy protection:

  • Accelerate delivery of web applications
  • Protect web infrastructure
  • Secure external user access to web applications
  • Save time and money by reducing the number of web servers
  • Implement granular access policies