Protection Engine for Cloud Services

Fast, scalable threat detection and content control for cloud-based applications and services

  • Industry-leading malware detection and prevention, including Symantec Insight, for fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning
  • API and embeddable threat detection and content control for applications, services, and storage
  • Protect your users and organization to reduce risk
  • Manage SPE instances from the Cloud Workload Protection console

Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage

High-performance anti-malware and content control for your mission critical NAS devices

  • Prevent NAS devices from hosting and distributing malware
  • Integration with NetApp, DELL EMC, Hitachi, IBM, and others
  • Easy ICAP integration with additional third-party NAS devices
  • Manage SPE instances from the Cloud Workload Protection console

Cloud Workload Protection for Storage

Anti-malware and threat scanning for your Amazon S3 buckets

Many apps and services running on AWS utilize S3 buckets for storage. Over time, storage can become contaminated with malware, ransomware, and other threats – either from attackers, unwitting users, or other resources. From S3 buckets, threats can propagate to additional apps, users, or databases. Cloud Workload Protection for Storage automatically scan S3 buckets using Symantec’s suite of anti-malware technologies to keep your cloud storage and services clean.

  • Enables secure adoption of containers and serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda
  • Near real-time and scheduled scanning of S3 buckets helps to prevent threats and malware from being spread by cloud-based applications and users
  • Discovers and blocks the latest threats using Symantec’s suite of anti-malware technologies including reputation analysis and advanced machine learning
  • Automatic protection of S3 buckets minimizes DevOps and administrative workloads
  • Threat scanning infrastructure scales elastically with load for cost optimization
  • Manage SPE instances from the Cloud Workload Protection console

Protection for SharePoint Servers

Award-winning protection for Microsoft SharePoint environments

  • Detect and remove viruses, spyware, and other threats in files uploaded to and downloaded from your SharePoint servers
  • Scheduled scanning of SharePoint document libraries to ensure that files are protected by the latest virus definitions
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint administration console for a single interface to manage all SharePoint settings

Your incident response and security ops teams are stressed by constant alerts and struggle to optimize their existing security tools. The Symantec cloud network security service integrates with endpoint protection, cloud applications, and other controls to quickly identify and respond to threats. Use it to ensure your network, endpoint, and cloud security tools are orchestrated for a safer, streamlined response.

  • Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform—Ensure faster, coordinated response and remediation with integrations across control points and attack vectors. For example, threats identified on an endpoint in location A are blacklisted on a network device in location B, while remediation steps are automatically started to isolate and remediate the threat.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)—Simply configure SEP agents, directing internet traffic to Symantec Web Security Service.  Thanks to integration, no additional agent is required, and you get strong security extending from your endpoints to your network.