Improve Cloud and Web Application Performance

MACH5 with Asymmetrical Caching technology extends beyond the other WAN optimization solutions that focus on symmetrical data caching and acceleration. You can use its specialized optimization features for data, video, cloud and web applications, in IPv4, IPv6 or mixed environments. Combining the asymmetrical caching capability with the patent-pending CachePulse™ cloud-enabled intelligence services, the MACH5 is uniquely formulated to deliver outstanding results for optimizing performance and user experience in today’s cloud and web 2.0 environment.

Unique one-armed asymmetric caching technology:

  • Cloud and Web application & content
  • Application updates such as SYMC AV or iOS updates
  • Internet-based content such as YouTube & other large files

Cloud-enabled CachePulse real-time intelligence to optimize caching efficiency & user experience:

  • Intelligence based on ~100PB of traffic & 1+ trillion web requests each month
  • Continuous and multiple CachePulse updates per year

Improve User Experience and Save Bandwidth for Video & Rich Media Applications

Packs power, flexibility and speed in a single WAN Op appliance, the MACH5 integrates specialized live and on-demand video optimization for Adobe Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight, HTML5 and all video. Its patented stream splitting technology accelerates live video streams while offering significant bandwidth savings.

  • Eliminate network delays & improve user experience
  • Split a single live video stream to multiple users
  • Ideal for live e-learning, webcasts, or broadcast events
  • Cache prepositioned content to remove network traffic congestion
  • Save on bandwidth and cost

Improve Performance, Efficiency and Web Security for the Branch Office

Backhauled WAN introduces inefficiency, performance degradation, and higher MPLS cost. MACH5’s direct-to-net feature splits WAN traffic and Internet-bound traffic from the branch office and diverts cloud and web traffic directly to the Internet to eliminate unnecessary network delays and reduce WAN (MPLS) network cost.

When combining direct-to-net with the Symantec Web Security Service (WSS), security administrators can deploy web security for remote and mobile users, ensuring unified web security policy and enforcement for the entire business.

  • Eliminate backhaul of Internet traffic
  • Improve cloud & web application performance
  • Save on MPLS cost
  • Unified web security policies for remote and mobile users