How Do I Protect Sensitive Data Wherever it Resides?

By extending visibility and control to the cloud with unequalled Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and CASB

Extend data loss prevention everywhere, email, network, storage, endpoint and cloud with the integration of market-leading Symantec CASB.

  • Extend your existing DLP policies and workflows to cloud apps.
  • Optimize performance with DLP detection-as-a-service.
  • Enforce DLP policies everywhere from a single management console.

How Do I Allow Users to Classify Sensitive Data?

By empowering users to protect the data that matters with data classification

Symantec Information Centric Tagging makes it easy for your users to manually classify sensitive data.

  • Combine content-based DLP technology with user-driven classification to identify more sensitive data.
  • Trigger the appropriate protection response based on classification level, such as information centric encryption.

How Do I Protect Data When it’s Outside of My Control?


By protecting data as it leaves your secured environments with Persistent Encryption and Digital Rights Management

Symantec Information Centric Encryption is protection that follows your data everywhere it goes.

  • Manage permissions in real time allowing you to protect information when it’s shared with third parties.
  • Protects sensitive data in cloud apps including Office 365, Email, on-premises file stores, SharePoint, removable USB drives, or tagged by users.
  • User identity controls access and digital rights management wherever the user is.

How Can I Analyze all of My Data Alerts and Identify the Real Threats?

With User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) you can simplify your incident remediation and unveil cyber breaches

Gain visibility into risky behaviors and risky users with Symantec Information Centric Analytics.

  • Simplify DLP policy management and incident remediation.
  • Detect risky user behaviors and malicious insiders.
  • Identify malicious outsiders and account takeovers.

How Can I Ensure that my Data is Accessed by the Intended Users?

You can ensure data doesn’t stray with Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your data from unauthorized access with Symantec VIP.

  • Frictionless authentication for a user friendly experience.
  • Data is released only to the intended recipient.
  • Revoke document access in real time by withdrawing the decryption keys.