Discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data

Business communication happens over an exhausting number of apps, devices and platforms. As companies look for ways to increase productivity and collaboration, they also increase the number of channels over which employees can leak or steal corporate data.

With Symantec Data Loss Prevention, you can discover, monitor and protect sensitive data wherever it’s used – in the office, on the road, or in the cloud. It gives you complete visibility and control across the broadest range of data loss channels: cloud apps, endpoints, data repositories, and email and web communications.

  • Identifies any type of sensitive data with the most comprehensive data detection technologies ranging from fingerprinting to machine learning.
  • Easily manage data loss policies and incidents across every channel – all from one powerful management console.
  • Offers flexible deployment options for any type of environment: on-premises, private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud.

Secure corporate email on Office 365 and Gmail

From phishing schemes and malware attacks to accidental and malicious data leaks, email threats are rampant, making email one of the most the most vulnerable channels for data loss. That’s why the need for effective email security has never been greater.

With Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email, you can add a powerful layer of data protection that strengthens your cloud email security for Office 365 and Gmail.

  • Intercept sensitive email before it leaves the cloud provider
  • Safeguards users from inbound email threats such as spear phishing, malware and spam
  • Catches and stops sensitive emails from leaving your public cloud email presence on Office 365 and Gmail
  • Combines the industry’s leading data loss prevention and email threat protection technologies into one complete solution

Extend data loss prevention to cloud apps

Security and compliance concerns are chief obstacles for businesses adopting cloud apps where all kinds of corporate data can be readily stored, shared and exposed by company insiders.

Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service and CloudSOC solution uncovers sensitive data blind spots in cloud apps by:

  • Discovering sensitive data in over 65 cloud apps – including Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps and Salesforce – through integration with Symantec CloudSOC
  • Leveraging existing DLP policies and workflows to extend finely tuned rule sets and business logic to cloud apps
  • Detecting and mitigating malicious activities and threats in cloud apps with user behavior analytics