Monitor and Control Usage of any Cloud App

Control access to your cloud services from any BYOD with DLP and threat protection

Your organization uses hundreds of cloud apps creates greater vulnerability to threats and data loss. Protect your organization with granular visibility and in-line control of any cloud application with CloudSOC, recognized as a Leader by Forrester.

  • Control user transactions in real time for both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps
  • Monitor traffic to any IaaS from any device through Symantec’s one-of-a-kind Mirror Gateway
  • Safeguard and govern data with ContentIQ™ and integrated Symantec DLP
  • Protect against threats with extensive user behavior analytics
  • Integrate with access controls and data encryption
  • Investigate and respond to security incidents

See and Control Any Cloud App, Even Unsanctioned Mobile Use

Extensive visibility driven by machine learning

With a unique ability to read any cloud app activity, our CASB gateway gives you broad and deep visibility that enhances security for your Cloud Generation users.

  • StreamIQ™ intelligence for granular, real-time events extracted from cloud app traffic
  • Harness extensive in-line visibility and control for all cloud apps
  • Gain visibility and automated control over risky user activity based on sophisticated user behavior analytics (UBA)

Automatically Detect and Block Malicious Activity

Identify risky users and actions at a glance

Lock down security in cloud accounts using intuitive controls that automatically find and block risky actions and users. Safeguard your organization with data-science powered UBA and integrated Symantec anti-malware and advanced threat protection. CloudSOC automatically creates individualized user profiles, maps user activity, and compiles a live user ThreatScore.

  • Detect high-risk behavior or compromised users with machine learning-based user ThreatScores
  • Get at-a-glance diagnoses with visual threat map of high-risk user actions
  • Automatically mitigate the impact of compromised accounts
  • Detect sophisticated threats involving complex sequences
  • Stop malware and advanced threats with Symantec threat protection

Protect Against Data Loss

Enforce DLP on cloud transactions in real time

Prevent classes of data leakage (either accidental or malicious) by identifying confidential data and controlling user cloud app transactions. CloudSOC CASB Gateway ensures cloud app security with real-time cloud DLP, optional integrated Symantec Data Loss Prevention, malware scanning, and encryption.

Use machine learning-assisted ContentIQ to automatically identify and classify at-risk data and implement policy controls that prevent data loss in-line, in real time. Symantec is the only CASB vendor offering integrated cloud app security that comprises Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders for CASB, DLP, and threat protection.

  • Machine learning-assisted data identification
  • Provides both automated and custom data classification profiles
  • Monitors and prevents risky data exposures
  • Integrated with our perennial leader’s quadrant Data Loss Prevention

Investigate Cloud Transactions for Incident Response

Search, filter, analyze, and report on granular cloud data

Quickly investigate areas of concern in cloud accounts. CloudSOC collects granular data on transactions using machine learning-assisted StreamIQ technology. Access that data through intuitive search and filtering functions and analyze it via powerful data visualizations and consolidated log reports.

  • Granular transactional log data
  • Intuitive and detailed analysis
  • SIEM integration for incident response