Secure Use of Microsoft Office 365 with Symantec CloudSOC and Email Security

Keep Office 365 safe from end to end with Leader’s quadrant security for email, file sharing, and collaborative apps.

  • Shield email, apps, accounts, and transactions against both internal and external threats.
  • Monitor sensitive content uploaded, saved, and sent in Office 365 emails, file sharing, and apps.
  • Add in-line controls over cloud services from managed or unmanaged endpoints.

Safeguard Users, Data, and Accounts in Cloud Apps

Protect your organization against threats and mitigate the risk of data loss with visibility and control for strategic cloud apps with CloudSOC for SaaS, the cloud access security broker and cloud security gateway solution analysts identify as a Leader.

Built on API-based Securlets (with the option to add inline CASB Gateway capabilities), CloudSOC for SaaS secures Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, Cisco Spark, Workday, AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, DocuSign, and more.

  • Gain visibility and control over user and admin cloud activity
  • Prevent security incidents with lightning fast API and real time inline controls
  • Apply unequaled threat protection and user behavior analytics
  • Extend data governance with built-in ContentIQ and integrated Symantec DLP
  • Streamline with Integrated access controls, data encryption, and tokenization
  • Respond faster with security incident analysis for investigations

Protect Data in Cloud Apps and Services

Classify and secure confidential content in SaaS

Prevent data leakage (either accidental or malicious) by controlling what data is allowed in the cloud, who is allowed to access it, and how it is shared.

Incorporate Securlets for deep content visibility in sanctioned cloud accounts.

Automatically identify and classify at-risk data and enable policy controls to prevent and remediate data exposures. CloudSOC ContentIQ provides native CASB data governance and built-in DLP with the option to fully integrate with perennial Leader’s-quadrant Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

  • Machine learning-assisted data identification
  • Provides both automated and custom data classification profiles
  • Monitors and prevents risky data exposures

Protect Against Compromised Accounts and Malicious Insiders

Detect and block malicous activity in cloud apps

Protect your organization from threats in cloud accounts with automated and intuitive controls based on data science powered user behavior analytics (UBA) and integrated Symantec anti-malware and advanced threat protection.

  • Detect high-risk or compromised users automatically with machine-learning based ThreatScore
  • At-a-glance diagnosis with visual threat map of high-risk user actions
  • Granular controls automatically mitigate the impact of compromised accounts
  • Detect sophisticated threats involving complex sequences of events
  • Stop malware and advanced threats with Symantec threat protection

Investigate Cloud Transactions for Incident Response

Quickly investigate areas of concern in cloud accounts. CloudSOC collects granular data on content and user transactions. Access that data through intuitive search and filtering functions and analyze it via powerful data visualizations and consolidated log reports.

  • Granular transactional log data
  • Intuitive and detailed analysis
  • Visibility over all sensitive content activity
  • SIEM integration for incident response

Request a Shadow Data Risk Assessment

Uncover risky cloud app exposures in minutes

With the risk assessment, we:

  • Inventory all sensitive content—uploaded, created, shared, or stored in your cloud accounts
  • Summarize your risky exposures, such as files being shared outside of the organization or publicly
  • Identify risky inbound content shared with employees such as malware
  • Identify your riskiest users
  • Inventory your sensitive content