Discover and Control Use of Shadow IT

Protect yourself with the broadest, most extensive Shadow IT monitoring and analysis

Shadow IT introduces hidden risks and costs. The average enterprise uses 1,516 cloud apps—most of which are shadow services adopted and used with no IT security oversight. Employees or entire departments may be using cloud services that are expensive, redundant, risky, or do not meet compliance requirements.

CloudSOC Audit provides the broadest and most extensive monitoring of cloud shadow IT with risk analysis and intelligence on tens of thousands of cloud services. Unlike other CASBs, CloudSOC provides intelligence on both cloud server-side apps and mobile apps, even when used remotely by employees outside your enterprise perimeter.

  • Get extensive cloud app intelligence that analyzes risk attributes for both server-side and mobile apps in cloud services
  • Discover more shadow IT use with visibility that includes remote users
  • Easily meet compliance monitoring requirements with intuitive dashboards and shadow IT risk assessments on demand
  • Automatically control Shadow IT use of cloud services with Symantec Secure Web Gateway integration

Better Intelligence for Better Decisions

Reduce costs and standardize on safer, more-compliant cloud services

CloudSOC Audit tracks more than 200 risk attributes and compiles Business Readiness Ratings for tens of thousands of cloud apps. With this intelligence it is easy to evaluate the cloud apps in use, and compare similar cloud services to identify and standardize on the best one for your business.

  • Evaluate thousands of cloud services with customizable Business Readiness Ratings, Trust Ratings, and risk attribute intelligence on both server-side and mobile apps for public cloud.
  • Compare similar apps side-by-side based on risk attributes.
  • Reduce costs by identifying redundant services and subscriptions.

Easily Meet Compliance Requirements

Get automated monitoring, reporting, and control

Make sure your organization uses cloud apps support compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

  • Stay current through an intuitive UI, automated monitoring, powerful visualizations, and automated reports.
  • Monitor cloud app usage based on logs from virtually any source including firewalls, web proxies, endpoints and SIEM systems.
  • Get unique visibility over app use by remote end users through integration with Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • Save time by automating log data collection.

Integrated Cyber Defense with CASB 2.0

Automatically control shadow IT with integrated secure web gateways

Don’t just monitor Shadow IT, control it. Get automated, adaptive and granular policy control over the use of cloud apps in the enterprise with Audit integration in Symantec Secure Web Gateways (SWG).

  • Control app use with SWG + dynamic Audit intelligence
  • Set policies based on application risk attributes or ratings
  • Automatically enable Audit visibility with SWGs

Uncover Shadow IT Risk

Get a Shadow IT cloud app risk report card for your organization. Quickly identify all SaaS apps used across the company, apps that pose a medium or high risk, and top 5 riskiest apps, users and location of these apps in an easy to share report. A company audit score gives you a top-level view of your organization’s risk profile.

  • Automated summary report on Shadow IT risk
  • Quickly review current cloud app risk levels
  • Free Shadow IT Risk Assessment available