The cloud delivers better experiences and lower operating costs, but also wreaks havoc with outdated cyber security tactics. What’s more, many CIOs have completely lost track of the nearly 1,000 cloud apps used inside the typical enterprise, increasing the risks of cloud app use. Today’s cloud security solutions need to integrate critical security and compliance services to protect users and organizational data everywhere.

BitDefender NGAV + NTSA !
Is here to make things less scary!!!
We stopped WannaCry, we stopped Petya/NotPetya and we stopped BadRabbit. 

Do you have a ransomware incident & response plan?
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BitDefender gives full visibility for your infrastructure!
 (EDR/NDR/XDR for Files, Hosts with User&Network Behavior Analytics)

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17th of September
Event will take place @ Hilton Brussels Grand Place from 9.30-15.30 

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