Instant Insight Into Suspicious Activity

Detect and respond to abnormal behavior and advanced attacks against Active Directory and File Systems with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Why StealthDEFEND?

Authentication-based attacks factored into 4 out of every 5 breaches involving hacking.

The Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) an attack is 197 days.

Companies that contained a breach in less than 30 days saved over $1 million.

Every attacker is after the same two things; credentials and data.

Once inside, attackers aim to discover your environment, find and compromise privileged credentials, and leverage those credentials to access, exfiltrate, or destroy data.

StealthDEFEND is the only real-time threat detection and response solution purpose-built to protect these two common denominators in every breach scenario.

Active Directory

File Systems


Advanced Attack Detection
Detect and respond to the specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) attackers are leveraging when attempting to compromise Active Directory and File System data.

Automated Context Injection
Automatic tagging of privileged users, groups, data, and resources appropriately adjusts risk ratings associated with abnormal or nefarious behaviors.

Response Playbooks
Automatically or programmatically respond to threats the instant they’re identified using an extensive catalog of preconfigured and customizable response actions.

Comprehensive Investigations
Perform comprehensive forensic investigations on users and related activities in ad-hoc fashion or for compilation of digital case files.

Machine Learning & User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
Identify unusual activity as compared to the behavioral profile created by StealthDEFEND’s unsupervised machine learning engine.

User-Defined Threats
Define threats and their parameters in alignment with your organization’s specific needs and requirements.