StealthAUDIT Management Platform
The StealthAUDIT Management Platform is the backbone of the STEALTHbits product line. Its open
architecture, small footprint, and powerful collection capabilities ensure that our products are flexible
enough to provide value in any IT environment.

StealthAUDIT for Data Access Governance is an auditing, compliance, and governance solution for unstructured data
and critical applications. It provides organizations with the ability to understand and control who has access to what

Top Features:
 Effective Access Analysis – SMP for DAG calculates the cumulative access that a user has based on Active Directory
group membership and end point permissions.
 Sensitive Data Discovery – SMP for DAG scans for sensitive data throughout the enterprise, using keyword and
regular expression criteria to identify various forms of PII and IP.
 Ownership Identification – SMP for DAG will identify owners for resources based on who has access to the resource
and who actually uses the resource. Once owners are identified, SMP for DAG will actually set the owner on the
resource as well.
 Data Activity Tracking – SMP for DAG tracks user activity to provide an understanding of who is using what data
and how they are using it.
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 AD Inventory & Collections
 Agentless Architecture
 Flexible Analysis
 Remediation & Interaction
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 Certification & Attestation – Once owners have been assigned to resources, SMP for DAG can manage the
certification process for the resources, ensuring that data owners are given the opportunity to determine who
should have access to their data.
 Open Access Remediation – Given SMP for DAG’s deep understanding of access, the product will identify instances
of “open access”, where nearly every user in the environment has access to a given resource and all of the data
that resides there.

Supported Systems:

StealthAUDIT for Active Directory
StealthAUDIT for Active Directory is an auditing, compliance, and management solution for Active Directory. It provides
IT with unprecedented knowledge about the relationships between objects in the environment, as well as a one-stop
shop for auditing AD settings.
Top Features:
 Stale Object Management – SMP for AD identifies stale objects (users, groups, and computers) and contains builtin workflows for deprovisioning and disabling these objects.
 Group Membership Analysis – SMP for AD collects and analyzes group membership information from AD to
determine exactly who is a member of what group, regardless of how deeply nested the object is.
 Group Grants & Effective Access Analysis – SMP for AD provides IT with an understanding of which resources AD
groups are granting access to, and what will be affected if they were to change the group’s membership.
 Probable Owner Identification – SMP for AD uses algorithms based on group membership to identify and assign the
most likely owner for a given group.
 Access Change Modeling – Before making changes to AD groups, SMP for AD will inform IT how the change will
impact group membership and access across the entire environment.
 Change Auditing – SMP for AD provides in depth change auditing of Active Directory, so that administrators can see
what is changing in their environment and who is making the changes.

Supported Systems:
 Microsoft Active Directory  Azure Active Directory
 Applications: Microsoft SharePoint
 Office 365: SharePoint Online,
Microsoft OneDrive for Business
 File Systems: NTFS, Samba, NFS,
 NAS: EMC Isilon, EMC Celerra, Hitachi

StealthAUDIT for Exchange
StealthAUDIT for Exchange provides surgical insight into access, usage, and environmental configuration so
organizations can ensure optimal security and performance within Microsoft Exchange.

Top Features:
StealthAUDIT for Systems Governance gives organizations the information necessary to ensure that the systems
responsible for storing their data are protected by allowing IT to gather and analyze information about servers and

StealthINTERCEPT safeguards your organization from malicious threats and accidental changes by acting
as a firewall around your Active Directory and the systems it supports. By intercepting and inspecting all
Active Directory, Exchange, and File System traffic at the source, StealthINTERCEPT generates security
intelligence in real-time without relying on native logs.

Top Features:
 Authentication-Based Attack Detection – StealthINTERCEPT Authentication Analytics detects malware propagation
and bad actors scouring your network through pattern-based recognition authentication activities in real-time.
 Privileged Account Monitoring – Accounts with elevated permissions can be monitored in real-time to ensure that
access is not being misused.
 Change Detection and Blocking – StealthINTERCEPT gathers detailed change information in real-time and can even
prevent changes from taking place.
 Real-Time Alerting – All changes detected by StealthINTERCEPT can be alerted on instantly to ensure that
administrators are aware of the most critical events.