FUDO allows for convenient monitoring of the ongoing access sessions in a web browser. A single click starts the built-in session player, without having to install any kind of additional software. In case of terminal connections, viewed content is fully active allowing for example to copy text to clipboard.

Companies which decide to implement FUDO, receive an instrument which takes their IT security to a whole different level. FUDO provides a total control of all remote connections to server infrastructure, ensuring a good night sleep for system administrators and much greater monitoring options for IT security personnel. – Patryk Brożek, CEO of Wheel Systems

Business benefits of implementing FUDO:

  • Reliable and quick post-analysis of remote access sessions presented as active videos.
  • Strong protection against any misuse of administrative privileges, thanks to the ability to immediately intervene and block remote connections.
  • Fastest way to provide hard evidence of unauthorized activities, delivered as timestamped session records.
  • Perfect instrument to enforce contractual agreements for remote support and implementation services.
  • Convenient aid for system administrators who can use recorded sessions for training purposes.
  • Low TCO. Easy and quick implementation which doesn’t require a smallest change on either servers’ or users’ side.

Constant monitoring, control and recording of remote connections, greatly increases the security of your data.



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