How XDR is Accelerating Threat Detection and Response

ESG Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik joins Rapid7 Detection and Response SVP Richard Perkett, Chief Innovation Officer Lee Weiner, and IntSights Founder and CEO Guy Nizan to discuss:

  • The rise of XDR and what it means for the modern SOC
  • How teams are balancing XDR against other security priorities
  • Why XDR might be the key to giving security teams what they need most: time

XDR that Moves as Fast as Your Business

With native EDR, UEBA, NTA, Cloud Detections, and SIEM capabilities, InsightIDR has embraced an XDR approach from its beginnings nearly 6 years ago. In this blog post, learn more about:

  • How customers have guided the evolution of XDR
  • Some of the benefits and outcomes customers realize with XDR
  • Where XDR is headed and how IntSights helps us improve signal-to-noise within our Threat Engine

XDR 101

New to extended detection and response (XDR)? You’re not alone! Rapid7 XDR Fundamentals offers a primer for those just getting started with this technology. Learn more about:

  • XDR fundamentals
  • Key benefits teams can expect from this technology
  • Purchase criteria and considerations

451 Technology and Business Insight: The Rise of XDR

As the attack surface sprawls, SOCs need efficiency multipliers to keep pace with digital transformation and the constant stream of threats. XDR promises to combat complexity and streamline security operations outcomes. In this report, 451 explores:

  • Market drivers behind XDR
  • Various form factors and representations of this technology
  • Key evaluation considerations

ESG Research Report: The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC

Understanding the full scope of threats across data sources can help increase security agility and improve efficacy of detection and response. In this e-book, ESG summarizes XDR market research to explore:

  • Why companies are turning to XDR to improve productivity
  • Challenges to XDR adoption
  • The role of MDR in XDR
  • How XDR fits into the broader security stack — and budget