Linkshadow Security Technologies
AI, UEBA, Threat Intel, Insider Threat, Pricileged Accounts, Cloud Security and Risk

Cyber AI & Predictive Analytics

Threats continue to increase, not only in volume but also in sophistication. Therefore, it is essential to implement the right integrated security tools to avoid such threat scenarios. LinkShadow has an automated detection system which listens for threat signals. It studies the behavior of IT systems and searches for weak signals through deep machine learning by filtering gigabytes of data in real-time to proactively predict attacks.

Cloud Security

Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud technologies, resulting in more and more data being stored in the cloud. Legacy on-premises security controls are no longer able to keep up. LinkShadow interacts seamlessly with cloud applications, allowing user interactions to be processed and monitored in real time, whether they originate inside the network or from remote locations. LinkShadow also provides enterprises the ability to do periodic access reviews to sensitive data to detect anomalies proactively to avoid data breaches.

Intelligence-driven Threat Hunting

Even with multiple security tools and staff, many organizations have become victims of cyber-attacks. Thus, it is not possible to solely rely on conventional security approaches anymore. LinkShadow leverages Threat Intelligence to combat advanced threats. Accessing the LinkShadow cloud, an existing threat data bank of malicious URLs, IP addresses, phishing links and any other malware, provides historic or current intelligence, enabling security teams to empower their security tools and take the necessary action in real-time to prevent breaches.

Insider Threat Detection

Attacks involving compromised users and entities are notoriously difficult to detect because cyber criminals can evade perimeter defenses by using legitimate credentials to access corporate resources. LinkShadow’s cybersecurity platform automates the detection of these attacks with analytics-driven visibility. Advanced techniques, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning, are applied to data from the network and security infrastructure (e.g., packets, flows, logs, alerts). This information is used to create threatscores for all users and entities and seemingly disparate security events are observed & correlated over time. By measuring the changes and/or the anomalies associated with each entity, LinkShadow identifies advanced attacks, which might appear to be a legitimate user’s activity but are likely an attacker masquerading as a legitimate employee. In addition, these anomalies can only be detected by intelligently correlating orphan alerts over a long period of time. LinkShadow also provides analysts with one-click access to historic data which can go back months or more, as context is often needed to investigate attacks. By combining machine learning with layered forensics, LinkShadow delivers a differentiated analytics solution that automates attack detection and incident investigation without rules, configuration and signatures.

Privileged Users Analytics

Privileged users exercise a lot of control on the network and have access to critical enterprise data. Their role may require them to work in non-standard ways at odd hours. In such situations, their behavior may be highlighted as anomalous. To avoid this, LinkShadow provides privileged user analytics that gives accurate and prioritized visibility of all privileged user logins across all sessions they maintain on their devices. View how users are behaving and pinpoint anomalous activity protecting organizations from insider attacks and privileged account compromise.

User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Traditional security measures help minimize breaches. However, with attacks getting more sophisticated and advanced, there is a need for security teams to get ahead of the attackers. LinkShadow uses UEBA techniques to analyze behavior of employee devices inside the organization, as well as, users connected to the organization’s network from the outside. Any unusual behavior coming from endpoints is identified and then recorded. In the same way, entities inside the organization, and connected to the organization from outside, are analyzed and vulnerabilities are identified. The data is then correlated to determine if there is any malicious activity enabling security leaders to implement remediation procedures quickly.

Risk Scoring And Prioritization

Security analysts in large organizations receive thousands of threats alerts and notifications daily. However, the problem lies in determining which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk. With LinkShadow’s risk scoring technology, each vulnerability is attributed with a threat score and is positioned on a graph allowing swift response to be taken before an attack occurs.

Network Security Optimization

Organizations install multiple security solutions across the network in an effort to achieve compliance and comprehensive security. But without full integration or lack of proper management, even security infrastructure can expose new threats. LinkShadow helps assess the performance of these security tools enabling enterprises to maximize their ROI and optimize the use of security assets.