The Rapid7 Insight platform, launched in 2015, brings together Rapid7’s library of vulnerability research, exploit knowledge, global attacker behavior, Internet-wide scanning data, exposure analytics, and real-time reporting to provide a fully available, scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data and turn it into answers.

InsightVM leverages this platform for live vulnerability and endpoint analytics. Thousands of customers have been using this solution since June of 2016 when it was released in BETA as “Nexpose Now”

Gain Clarity Into Risk

Better understand the risk in your modern environment so you can work in lockstep with technical teams.

Extend Security’s Influence

Align traditionally siloed teams and drive impact with the shared view and common language of InsightVM.

See Shared Progress

Take a proactive approach to security with tracking and metrics that create accountability and recognize progress.

Key Features

Automatically assess and understand risk across your entire infrastructure

    • Lightweight Endpoint Agent
    • Live Dashboards
    • Real Risk Prioritization
    • IT-Integrated Remediation Projects
    • Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure Assessment
    • Attack Surface Monitoring with Project Sonar
    • Container Security
    • Integrated Threat Feeds
    • Goals and SLAs
    • Easy-to-Use RESTful API
    • Policy Assessment
    • Automation-Assisted Patching
    • Automated Containment

Accomplish More with InsightVM

Advanced vulnerability management analytics and reporting

Understand and prioritize Risk with Clarity

InsightVM not only provides visibility into the vulnerabilities in your modern IT environment—including local, remote, cloud, containerized, and virtual infrastructure—but also clarity into how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk and which are most likely to be targeted by attackers.


Remediate with Impact and Influence

InsightVM is not a silver bullet. Instead, it provides the shared view and common language needed to align traditionally siloed teams and drive impact. It also supports a proactive approach to vulnerability management with tracking and metrics that create accountability for remediators, demonstrate impact across teams, and celebrate progress.


Unify Endpoint Assessment

The Insight Agent is a universal, lightweight agent that collects data for Rapid7 InsightVM, InsightIDR, and InsightOps. Deploy it once, and get live intel on both network and user risk on your endpoints. 

Maximize the Value of Your Tech Stack

Point solutions are a thing of the past. Rapid7’s dedicated integrations team ensures that InsightVM is a foundational source of intelligence for the rest of your security program, helping all your products, like InsightIDR, work better together to collectively improve ROI.