InsightConnect is Rapid7’s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution — with which you can accelerate your time-intensive, highly manual incident response and vulnerability management processes.


Connect your teams and tools for clear communication and complete integration across your tech stack.


Streamline your manual, repetitive tasks with connect-and-go workflows—no code necessary.


Supercharge your operations with automation that creates efficiency without sacrificing control.

How Does It Work?

Accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes—no code necessary. With 290+ plugins to connect your tools, and customizable workflow building blocks, you’ll free up your team to tackle other challenges, while still leveraging their expertise when it’s most critical. Here’s how you’ll do it:


  • Connect Your Tools
  • Build Automated Workflows
  • Utilize Human Decisions
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

Get More Done With InsightConnect

Accelerate Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is time consuming and takes a high skill set. And today, it feels like new vulnerabilities or attacks are dropping constantly, making prioritization a challenge (to say the least). Automate threat hunting processes around identifying suspicious malware, domain, and other indicators, lowering the barrier to hunting and freeing up your team to tackle critical challenges. You’ll move beyond alert fatigue to respond to threats before the moment of impact.


Investigate Email Phishing

Phishing remains a top attack vector behind successful breaches. With InsightConnect, you’ll move beyond manually investigating every attachment, URL, or suspicious request for sensitive information. Automate these initial tasks so you can focus on mitigating truly malicious content and educating employees on phishing best practices. When a phishing email is identified, you can also take immediate remediation steps.


InsightConnect: Automated Patching and Remediation

InsightConnect integrates with your existing solutions to orchestrate vulnerability management processes from notification to remediation, so you can ensure critical issues are being addressed with every security advisory that comes in—while leaving human decision points where most critical. Automate actions to scan, find patches, verify remediation, and more.


Communicate With Ease

Leverage central communication hubs to increase visibility and coordinate processes more efficiently. Trigger workflows to create new service or help desk tickets when alerts are received, kick off investigation and enrichment tasks, and more. InsightConnect integrates with solutions like ServiceNow and JIRA to ensure seamless communication between Security, IT, and Development teams.


Investigate and Contain Malware

With the growing prevalence of ransomware, viruses, spyware, and more, security teams are bogged down by the overabundance of these malicious programs. With InsightConnect, you can automatically investigate and contain malware before it spreads and does significant damage to your network.


Provision and Deprovision Users

Managing user permissions is a critical process all organizations should be able to do quickly and effectively in order to respond to a variety of security threats. But, the reality is that most companies can’t keep up. Security orchestration and automation can eliminate the burden of manually managing user accounts in a variety of use cases, from provisioning and deprovisioning users, to responding in the event of an incident.