Hybrid Cloud Security 

Next generation protection and transparent management across your entire cloud-enabled infrastructure

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides efficient virtual and cloud workload protection, visibility and control for hybrid IT infrastructures, with no adverse impact on systems or users. Multi-layered security technologies – including system hardening, exploit prevention, file integrity monitoring, network attack blocking and static & behavioral anti-malware – deliver comprehensive protection throughout the entire infrastructure, from virtualized servers and desktops to public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) instances.

  • Protects Windows and Linux servers and virtual desktops (VDI)
  • Provides Next Gen protection against the latest cyberthreats
  • Helps businesses tailor security for new & legacy systems
  • Reduces exposure to attack… by hardening corporate servers
  • Manages from a single point across your whole hybrid infrastructure
  • Does more to support your regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Offers convenience and flexibility, integrating with leading public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security fully supports linked and full cloning. Thanks to the pre-installed lightweight agent, provisioning a new VM involves simply cloning a template. Once cloning is complete, the new machine is automatically protected by the centralized Security Virtual Machine (SVM). This simplifies VDI management, eliminating frequent updates of the security products on the VDI image.

shared cache – eliminating redundant operations

Virtual environments – especially VDIs – often include many similar VMs, each containing identical files. Full agent-based solutions waste time and resources running multiple scans of the same file on different VMs. Kaspersky’s Shared Cache feature shares the results of file scans between VMs, which minimizes the overall load on the IT infrastructure.

Multi-layered security, optimized for hard work

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security features all the latest technologies, ensuring its applications fight even the most advanced, previously unknown threats. These technologies are powered by 20-years of threat hunting and a decade of experience in machine learning, together with vast, continuously updated stores of threat intelligence collected from across the world.

At the same time, all its applications are tailored for virtualization and cloud specifics while also taking server specifics into an account. They deliver all the benefits of extreme efficiency and flexibility offered by virtual environments, without sacrificing any protection or performance.


The user interface can be completely disabled (by unloading it) on any or all VMs for additional performance optimization.


Up to 30% reduction in virtualization resources use

Optimized architecture significantly reduces the ‘security tax’ and through a number of smart optimizations, such as shared caching and the elimination of redundant information, is able to cut the amount of data and number of operations needed. This dramatically reduces IOPS, CPU cycles, memory and disk footprints, which helps to achieve high consolidation ratios and protect investments in virtualization projects.

Single pane of glass management console

Kaspersky Security Center is the single pane of glass management console that takes the complexity out of security administration and IT systems management. Fully scalable, the console supports digital transformation and facilitates comprehensive security management, with easy separation of administrator responsibilities. The rich reporting tool enables a continuous audit of physical, virtual and public cloud infrastructures.

Efficient protection for VDI

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security was designed with VDI in mind. It leverages patented architecture to ensure linear scalability as the load on virtualization hardware increases. Simplified procurement and native support for Golden Image allows to dynamically spawn virtual desktops as needed. Flexible licensing allows for gradual migration from physical machines with roll-backs as needed making Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security ideal companion for VDI roll-out project and beyond.

Native integration with leading public cloud and virtualization platforms

Native API integration simplifies deployment, streamlines daily administration routines and ensures consistent visibility and control. The single pane of glass management console provides the means for efficient orchestration of physical, virtual and public cloud workload security across multiple platforms ensuring the integrity of security policies applied to different parts of infrastructure.

System hardening and multi-layered security

Rich and flexible system hardening drastically reduces the attack surface, eliminates arbitrary code execution on servers and blocks exploits. Memory and data control algorithms defuse ransomware attacks, both host and network-borne. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security ensures a secure and responsive VDI environment, allowing users to focus on their work without risk of becoming a victim of cyberattack.


Select the security option that fits your needs – and, when you want to add more functionality, just upgrade to the next tier of protection.