Traditional approaches have major flaws.
The top 3 major flaws of traditional security approaches according to a Gartner Research note*

Lack of security training

It is assumed that widely-known threat vectors are covered by defense technologies that are often left in monitoring mode after unintended business disruption, due to false positives or misconfigurations.

Dwell time is an astounding 49-150 days (depending on industry) according to the 2020 Verizon DBIR

Legacy approaches

Reuse old security approaches to secure new ways of conducting business.

68% of the time, security environments were not able to prevent or detect the approaches being tested.
– Mandiant 2019 Security Effectiveness Report

Lack of the right tools

Spend disproportionate amounts of resources and budgets trying to block a threat that cannot be blocked.

Data exfiltration techniques and tactics were successful 67% of the time.

Why now

Why Vectra

The Cognito platform for NDR is in 100% service of detecting and responding to attacks inside cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks. Our job is to find and stop those attacks early and with certainty.
Capture data
It starts with gathering the right data to make this happen. This is not about the volume of data. It is about the thoughtful collection of data from a variety of relevant sources and enriching it with security insights and context to solve customer use-cases.
Detect behaviors
Attack behaviors vary, so we continuously create unique algorithmic machine learning models for any type of new and current threat scenario. Performing well beyond the abilities of humans, Vectra gives you a distinct advantage over adversaries by detecting, clustering, prioritizing and anticipating attacks.
Stop attackers
Enforce with precision Vectra will automatically and surgically cut-off attacker access by using identity- and host-level enforcement Take an appropriate level of action Enforce through existing investments

Attackers can run, But they can’t hide

Cognito Detect provides threat detection coverage from the cloud to user and IoT devices

Detect More

     See threat behaviors for unknown and known attacks by tracking internal reconnaissance and lateral movement.

     Identify which host devices, workloads and user accounts that are at the center of an attack.

    Expose stealthy low-and-slow attacks. The Cognito platform never rests and enables security teams to use their time wisely.