Leave no app untested and no risk unknown.

Keep Pace

Collect the info needed to test today’s ever-evolving apps.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk with every build and remediate earlier in the SDLC.

Play Nice

Hand deliver the right insight the right way to DevOps.

Web application security testing to close the gaps in your apps

SPAs, APIs, mobile—the evolution of application technology is measured in months, not years. Is your web application security testing tool designed to keep up? AppSpider lets you collect all the information needed to test all the apps so that you aren’t left with gaping application risks.

Our dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution crawls to the deepest, darkest corners of even the most modern and complex apps to effectively test for risk and get you the insight you need to remediate faster. With AppSpider on your side (or, rather, all of your sides), you’ll be able to scan all the apps today and always be ready for whatever comes next.

Keep Pace with the App Evolution

From SPAs to mobile apps, even today’s most modern apps are no match for AppSpider. 

Work within the SDLC

Most application security vulnerabilities are actually defects in the design—naturally, finding them earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) reduces risk and saves you time, money, and a whole mess of ibuprofen. 

Set DevOps Up for Success

AppSpider’s reporting and DevOps integration help streamline remediation efforts by providing developers with the information they need—in a language they understand.

Control and Automate

With our web application security testing solution, you’re always in control.