Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring solution that proactively monitors business applications and helps businesses ensure their revenue-critical applications meet end user expectations.


Monitor over 100 key performance indicators – including response time, resource availability, CPU/memory utilization, and more.


Discover your applications with a click, and easily map their relationships to gain a comprehensive insight into your complex IT infrastructure.

Monitor up to 50,000 servers or applications. Get a consolidated view of the resources present in different restricted networks/geographical locations.


Identify and resolve application fault before the end user knows about it. Get notified of problems through e-mail and SMS alerts.


Group applications and related services to be monitored as a single unit.

Troubleshoot and capacity plan effectively using the Reporting module.

Visually represent the status of all your monitor groups across the globe using World Map Business View.

Detect anomalies in the performance of your apps and servers by fixing baseline values for metrics.

Create custom dashboards, and perform admin activities through a web browser interface, or via the mobile apps.


Provides REST APIs for easy integration with internal portals and other monitoring tools.

Assign different user roles, and allow for restricted access.

Available in 9 different languages.

4000+ admins from over 100 countries use Applications Manager.

“The overall ease of use, configuration and excellent customer support makes Applications Manager one of the best monitoring tools available.”

“We managed to save tens of thousands…I set up the monitors I needed in less than a day.“

“Applications Manager enables us to act very quickly to fix performance problems and our end users don’t even notice any changes“

Comprehensive Application Monitoring

Comprehensive application monitoring for servers, databases, big data stores, middleware & messaging components, web servers, web services, ERP packages, virtual systems and cloud resources.

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Get visibility into all components of your application stack, easily drill down to IT relationships, and map them effortlessly with dynamic updating.

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor application response times down to the code level. Pinpoint erroneous methods in your application stack with method-level monitoring. Drill down to see the performance impact of specific code segments and SQL statements.

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring with a real browser. Simulate business-critical, multi-page workflows via Selenium based scripting of tests.

Find and Fix Problems Faster

Fault management in Applications Manager enables you to gain end to end visibility in your applications so that you can quickly troubleshoot identified problems.

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Professional Edition

Supports integrated performance monitoring for a heterogeneous set of applications. Ideal for small to medium enterprises.

Enterprise Edition

For large enterprise with the additional features of failover support, high scalability and distributed architecture.