Application control software for enterprises.

Application Control Plus automates the placement of applications in whitelists and blacklists based on specified control rules. Enhanced with its built-in, sophisticated Endpoint Privilege Management feature, Application Control Plus enables organizations to establish the principle of least privilege (PoLP) and Zero Trust by allowing only authorized access to applications and their related privileges.


Discover all installed applications, applications running with elevated privileges, and local admin accounts created in the network.


Eliminate all unnecessary admin accounts, and group applications that need to be whitelisted and blacklisted along with those that require elevated access.


Create user device groups and associate them to corresponding app groups, allowing users in these groups to access required applications with and without elevated privileges even while remaining standard users.

Benefits of our holistic application control process:

Stay protected against malware intrusions

Limit the chances of malware intrusions, zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats, and even ransomware by allowing only authorized applications to be executed.

Secure legacy systems

Protect your risky legacy OS machines by deploying application control policies that prevent vulnerable applications without a patch from running.

Don't compromise on productivity

Elevate application-specific privileges instead of user-specific privileges when required, and ensure business continuity even with the PoLP implemented.

Leverage hybrid operational capabilities

Manage workstations and servers across local and remote offices along with roaming user machines all from a central console.

Default deny applications

Ensure complete endpoint security by creating whitelists of applications that you trust, and keep all untrusted applications out of your network.

Customizable control parameters

Create policies tailor-made to fit your requirements with versatile and accommodating features like flexibility modes, temporary access, custom notifications, and more.

Lock down fixed-function devices

Augment the security of customer-facing systems such as point-of-sale or fixed-function machines by simulating an environment under lockdown using policies run in Strict Mode.

Ace the PoLP game

Bid adieu to privilege misuse attacks that spread laterally in networks by removing unnecessary privileges in just a few clicks.