Gain the edge over your competition with Site24x7’s MSP platform.

All-in-one Monitoring

Monitor diverse client endpoints, networks, servers, applications, and AWS from one place. Our cloud-based solution makes it convenient for you to monitor different customer networks. 

A uniform platform for service delivery helps you support your clients’ capabilities by offering specialized tools for their unique monitoring needs.


Securely manage the accounts of multiple customers. Gain total visibility into client systems and scale to accommodate any number of customers.

White Labeling

Rebrand your monitoring platform and reports with a custom name, logo, and URL so that you can promote your brand, and customers can identify with it.

Flexible Dashboards and SLAs

Proactively share reports, customized dashboards, NOC views, and business views highlighting all metrics slowing down your website, with your clients. Send SLA reports to update customers about your service consistency.

Granular Roles and Permissions

Utilize individual operational roles to monitor and manage customer accounts. Unified licensing offers account admins full control on subscription and billing activities across customer accounts, including control over upgrades, add-on purchases, and alert credits.

Solve the biggest challenges in your customers’ IT stacks with our all-in-one monitoring platform.

Site24x7 offers the most flexible monitoring solution out there, so you can monitor just about anything.

Cloud Monitoring

Agentless monitoring for VMware and cloud infrastructure. Monitor native Amazon Web Services using integration with the CloudWatch API and 100+ Azure resources.

Server Monitoring

Agent-based server monitoring to view key performance indicators of Windows, Linux, VMware hosts, FreeBSD, Docker, and macOS servers. Write custom plugins to monitor any attributes.

Microsoft Applications Monitoring

Gauge performance attributes of Microsoft applications, including Exchange, IIS, SQL, BizTalk, SharePoint, Office 365, Active Directory, failover clusters, and Hyper-V.

Network Monitoring

Holistically monitor current traffic trends and network performance of devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, printers, UPS devices, and storage devices.

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor and trace the performance issues of applications running on Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, AWS, Azure, and mobile platforms.

End-User Experience Monitoring

View the uptime and performance of websites, web applications, API endpoints, mail servers, DNS, and more from over 90 locations globally.

Deep Integration

Integrate with best of breed productivity tools such as Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Zapier and incident management solutions such as PagerDuty, ServiceDesk Plus and OpsGenie.

Policy Driven Alerting

Set thresholds and notification profiles for your resources to alert and escalate issues. Receive real-time status alerts on threshold breaches via phone call, SMS, email, or push notification.

IT Automation

Automatically orchestrate incident remediation across servers, AWS EC2 instances, and virtual machines running across your hybrid IT.

Elastic Pricing

Take advantage of highly scalable and cost-effective pricing to mitigate risks from customers’ fluctuating demands.

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