Out-of-the-box ITSM analytics.

Integration with ServiceDesk Plus helps Analytics Plus improve IT service delivery performance and efficiency with better insight into your ITSM data. Choose from over 100 reports and dashboards built on more than 80 KPIs or customize them to create your own, without being a data expert.

Unified insights on a single dashboard

Get deeper insights on network monitoring, application monitoring and customer support operations, by integrating with ManageEngine’s IT Operations and Support suite.

Application Analytics

Analytics Plus pulls data from Applications Manager and analyzes applciation availability and performance in all environments.

Network Analytics

Integrates with OpManager to determine probable faults and views alarm trends to improve network availability.

Support Analytics

Analytics Plus integrates with SupportCenter Plus and tracks over 65+ KPIs to improve customer satisfaction, support efficiencies and performance levels.

Why Analytics Plus?

We know IT management. We know the insight IT pros want. And we know analytics, thanks to the 10 years of expertise developed by our sister division, Zoho.com.

Instant, flexible report creation

Using a drag-and-drop visual studio, easily create and customize reports and dashboards to make smarter decisions.

Auto-analysis of data

Analytics Plus intelligently reads the data you import and performs auto-analysis to automatically generate reports and dashboards.

Powerful visualizations

Change the way you see data. Choose from over 30 visualizations, colors, and layout themes.

Holistic view of IT

Now, you can integrate with ManageEngine’s products for ITSM, IT Operations and Support and get a complete picture of your IT.

Schedule reports

Schedule your reports to be emailed any time you want to avoid manual repetitive work.

Share and collaborate

Make collaborative decisions by sharing your reports with your colleagues. Export, share, and publish your reports, whenever you want.

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  • Ontvang een link naar de live online demo