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We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of security innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions in identity and access management, data access governance, server and endpoint audit, as well as data loss prevention. Our state-of-the-art suite of solutions empowers you to seamlessly monitor, control, and record all remote access sessions within your IT infrastructure.

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We support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle



Anticipate the latest cyber threats and prevent digital risk.



Identify your risks and prepare your security strategy.



Protect your organization with the right technology and expertise.



Detect cyber attacks through analysis of alerts and behavior anomalies.



Respond to cyber attacks with proper containment and remediation plans.


Who We Are

Sertalink is a specialized exclusive partner for ManageEngine. Also, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of security innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions in identity and access management, data access governance, server and endpoint audit, as well as data loss prevention. Our state-of-the-art suite of solutions empowers you to seamlessly monitor, control, and record all remote access sessions within your IT infrastructure.

Nous travaillons avec nos partenaires pour donner une réponse à l’évolution des conditions du marché, pour nous assurer que nos utilisateurs finaux obtiennent les dernières solutions de sécurité pour protéger les données confidentielles.


What We Provide

Sertalink helps you to preventively identify potentialcyber security risks and network problems.

Security Operations Center (SOC) As A Service 24/7
We identify, Prevent, Detect, Analyse, and Respond to Cybersecurity Incidents.
Network Operations Center (NOC) As A Service 24/7
Minimizing Downtime, monitoring & troubleshooting networks. Availability monitoring, Fault monitoring
Incident Response Team 24/7
In case of ransomware or cyberattack, we will do the cleanup and forensics. “Boots on the ground”
Continuous Security Validation
We apply real attacks to detect the level of risks on each of the different IT verticals. Full Kill-Chain APT RedTeaming & PurpleTeaming
Threat Hunting
Find new know threats, Identify tactics, techniques, and develop procedures and mitigate threats by use of EDR
Security Awareness Training
Raising employee Security Awareness and run trainings & spear-phishing campaigns to minimize risk thus preventing the loss of PII, IP, money, or brand reputation
Penetration Testing
It’s a method of assessing the security of a system, network, or an entire organization by emulating a real attack scenario. PenTest Per IP or Per WebApp
Vulnerability scanning As A Service
We scan your vulnerabilities in your environment and attempt to reveal exploits and weaknesses in your architecture
24/7 Microsoft Defender
Our Managed Detection and Response provides improved detection, 24/7 threat hunting, deeper investigation, end-to-end coverage, and most of all, complete Response.
Privileged Access Management
We manage your privileged access management solution by incident or change request of workflow and permissions. Password, Session & Access.
Advisory in a Phased approached of rollout and implementations of SIEM + UEBA + EDR + NDR + CLOUDSEC
Endpoint & Patch Management
We manage all your applications on your endpoints, but we can also make sure that your updates are monthly up to date.
Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)
We will take care of your business continuity, and replace your physical data center with one virtually in the cloud. (BCP)
Back-up As A Service (Baas)
We manage your backups. We make sure that the data is safe, and that all backups are being backed up. Virtual, Physical, O365, G-suite, Mobile
Firewall Management
We take care of the day-to-day management of your firewall operations. Rules, Policies, Tracking changes, Respond to alerts, Configuration Backup
OT Security
Passively Detect firmware/software vulnerabilities & Mitigate ICS Cyber Incidents
Active Directory Monitoring & Auditing
We monitor Active Directory and Azure AD behavior based on specific use cases we will alert you.
IT Service Management
We can help your organization in becoming more mature to move from Incident management to change management while using the ITIL framework. Assist you in Asset Management to be able to create your CMDB
IT & IT Security Roadmap
With a workshop of a few days we can, scope the current gaps and versus the budget available we can guide you where the quick wins can be achieved.
Engineer(s) on demand
Strengthen your team with our engineers on Firewall, ServiceDesk ITIL, Operations Manager, Endpoint Management SIEM, XDR, EDR, NDR…

What We Provide

Sertalink provides various solutions to reduce security risk to minimum with 24/7 support

Asset Explorer

IT asset management tool

SupportCenter Plus

Customer support software

Applications Manager

Application performance and end-user monitoring

NetFlow Analyzer

Network traffic monitoring software

ServiceDesk Plus

Help desk software

Unified Endpoint Management

Desktop Central Desktop and Server management software

Operations Manager

Opmanager Network monitoring software

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

Cloud-based help desk software

Patch Connect Plus

SCM 3rd party patch management

EventLog Analyzer LOG360

Log Management for SIEM Centralize all Logs for Reporting

ADManager Plus

Active Directory management and reporting Workflow & Automation

ADAudit Plus

Active Directory & Azure AD auditing File Servers & Cloud auditing

Your link to a safe work environment

As an exclusive distributor for Manage Engine, Sertalink provides value-added IT solutions for identity and access management, enterprise service management, data access management, unified endpoint management, etc..
Some of the cutting-edge technologies that we promote today include NDR, EDR & XDR, BAS, ITSM, ITOM, PAM, IAM, SIEM, UEM, Patch & Vulnerability Management, AD and File Audit, Firewalling, Wifi&AP, Switches, SDWAN, CASB, CSPM, CWPP, SASE
Besides offering technologies we also focus on services that the Belgium market is in need of today, such as Vulnerability scanning as a service, Backup as a service, Disaster Recovery as a service, Network operations center 24/7 services, Security Operations center 24/7 services, Managed Detection and Response 24/7 Services for Microsoft, Pen-testing and Security awareness services and also Breach and Attack Simulation Services. This way of working allows us to continuously validate the security posture and keep organizations maintain or evolve towards a mature security stage.
As we believe that every organization deserves the best defense against cyber threats, we forge strategic alliances with our clients. While keeping cost-efficiencies in mind, we help clients mitigate cyber security risks to optimize business performance and to build a resilient and future-proof organization.
Seeking out the most effective and innovative security vendors, we collaborate with our channel partners to deliver various on-premise, cloud-based, and MSP solutions that cover the vast majority of attack vectors. Through this integrated approach, we deliver a wide range of cyber security solutions offering optimal cyber protection, world-class technical performance, and excellent backup support. We make sure our clients can rest assured.
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More than 7 years of Security experience in cutting edge technologies on the sales and technical site.

The average total cost of a data breach has increased by 10% since 2014. presents the global average total cost of a data breach over seven years. The consolidated average total cost in the 2020 study was $3.86 million, a slight decrease from $3.92 in 2019. The weighted average is $3.79 million over seven years.

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