Web Gateway Validation

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Launch inbound and outbound web attacks that challenge Secure Web Gateway and Web Proxy efficacy and validate web security and acceptable usage policies.


Technical reports identify security gaps and provide information on successful attacks, while executive reports summarize the assessments and provide an aggregate web-security risk score.


Prioritize mitigations with standards-based risk scoring and optimize web security with actionable mitigation guidance.

Web Gateway Vector

Unsecure web browsing is frequently abused by hackers to exploit security weaknesses and compromise corporate environments. The World Wide Web is filled with malicious websites, and new ones are created every day.

Furthermore, legitimate websites developed in an unsecure manner are also being compromised and used to spread malware and other attacks.

Cymulate’s Web Gateway vector simulates a myriad of web-based attacks that challenge and assess the efficacy of your web security controls. These controls include cloud and on-prem secure web gateways and proxies, content disarms and reconstruction technologies, sandboxing and other types of web-security controls. The Web Gateway vector enables you to measure your organization’s exposure to an extensive and continuously updated database of malicious and compromised websites, malware, and risky files used by threat actors in web-based attacks.

Technical reports provide analysis of the attacks and actionable mitigation guidance that help security teams to shore up their defenses against successful attacks. Standards-based risk scoring enables IT and security teams to identify security gaps, prioritize mitigations and take corrective measures to increase web security control efficacy. Executive reports include trend analysis to identify security drift and industry-peer benchmarking to gain comparative insights.

Common forms of web-based attacks include:

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