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Web Gateway Assessment

Cymulate’s Web Gateway solution helps you to test your HTTP/HTTPS outbound exposure to malicious or compromised websites.

Unsecure web browsing is frequently abused by hackers to exploit security weaknesses and compromise corporate environments. The World Wide Web is filled with malicious websites, and every day new ones are being uploaded. Furthermore, legitimate websites which have been developed in an unsecure manner are also being compromised and used to spread malware and other attacks. About 12% of recorded cyberattacks have been using a significant amount of malware and malicious scripts that were delivered while browsing to infected websites or using browser add-ons.

In addition to that, malicious scripts – using Flash, Java and Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins on webpages – make up a quarter of malware attacks. The Cerber and Bad Rabbit attacks started off by a malicious hacker compromising a legitimate website to spread his / her malware. In the case of Cerber, during September 2017 it was found that the U.S. National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s (NWCG) website was hosting a JavaScript downloader that was used to deliver the Cerber ransomware. It used a zip archive that contained a JavaScript file with an obfuscated PowerShell. The PowerShell downloaded the Cerber executable, disguised as a gif file. This attack was removed from the website within less than a day after infecting thousands of victims who browsed to this legitimate website.

Despite widespread use of proxies, web filters, and all sorts of secure browsing solutions, browsing to malicious and compromised websites is a very common risk given the widespread dangers on the internet, such as malicious advertisement content, inappropriate content, frauds, exploit kits and more. Since the majority of web malware infections takes place during legitimate browsing of infected mainstream websites or via browser add-ons, assessing the outbound exposure to malicious websites is crucial.

Cymulate’s Web Gateway assessment is designed to evaluate your organization’s outbound exposure to malicious or compromised websites. Using common HTTP/HTTPS protocols, it enables you to verify your organization’s exposure to an extensive and continuously growing database of malicious and compromised websites for testing.

The assessment results are presented in an easy-to-understand comprehensive report. Mitigation recommendations are offered for each threat that has been discovered depending on the type of attack and phase it reached in its distribution method. This allows the organization to truly understand its security posture and take action to update and upgrade where necessary.

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